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Interview Project #22: Yeh Deadlies

Richter Collective have been the obvious example of, as a stamp of approval as much as a label, something that guarantees a certain quality and a certain sound in Dublin. As of the last few months, though, a nefarious grouping called Popical Island has been showing in association with the names of bands who make fun, sad indie rock. Yeh Deadlies are amongst this stable. Having steamed along releasing EPs and contributing to compilations, they are releasing the rather thrilling Magazine 7″ in May (which is this month), both songs of which you can hear online and buy for 2 total euro at Bandcamp. There are five of them, who will introduce themselves to you in Q0.5. If you are a scurrilous foreigner who needs an explanation of the name? “Yeh” means “yeah” and “deadly” is what Dubliners say when they mean what surfers mean when they say “radical”.

(Both songs from the 7″ are here, including Constitution Hill the moth-and-Fates basis of which is fully explained if you scroll down to Q7.

Q 0.5 How are you?

Andy: Not too hot.
Padraig: Grand.
Annie: Good.
Dave: I’m good, I’m having my lunch.
Jonny: Reasonable, thanks.

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