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TDOM Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Trenchtown Rock

This is the first song on the Live! album by Bob Marley and the Wailers, which my dad had on vinyl in a box that was either always broken or broken by me in my early years of experimenting with putting spinning sheets of fuzz onto our five-in-one stereo.

It was also the first song on a mixtape my dad blasted on car trips for what seemed like about five years but was probably only one summer. Because of this, the sound of the MC introducing them is locked in my head as a something-is-about-to-start soundbite. I put it on mixtape-type endeavours myself, sometimes the full song and sometimes just the intro cut out.

This is the Bob Marley album album I listen to most as well. All around positives for this song.


TDOM Day 30: Your Favourite Song At This Time Last Year

Sunset Rubdown – Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!

Okay, so our thirty days have elapsed. It’s been sporadic, but that’s because I’ve been studying and doing exams and that sort of thing. How did I do? Kind of you to ask! Well, two of them were as good as I could have hoped and two more were okay. The last one hasn’t happened yet. It’s in David Foster Wallace and I am shitting it because I have no idea what to expect.

The first song, you might remember, was from Sunset Rubdown’s Dragonslayer. So is this one. Because this time last year I was locked into Dragonslayer several times a day, if I recall correctly, and this particular song was my favourite. So there you go. Full circle.

TDOM Day 28: A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

Belle and Sebastian – The State I Am In

I don’t feel guilty all that regularly, mostly because I’m convinced myself of the illusory nature of pretty much everything, but when I do it’s about weird things and triggered by songs such as, for example, this one.

TDOM Day 27: A Song That You Wish You Could Play

Adebisi Shank – Colin Skehan

In my head, with my headphones in, walking somewhere, I am able to do this. The reality is very, very different.

TDOM Day 26: A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument

Beach House – Zebra

A couple of weeks ago my dad discovered how to use YouTube to the extent that he found a Dublin Duck Dispensary live video. He was not impressed. He said it sounded like “noise, with a keyboard player who had no idea how to play the keyboard.” I was the keyboard player, and he obviously knew this well from the video, being my father. I took solace in the fact that he was never going to be the target audience. But is my heart not badly shaken?

Like Ian MacKaye in the sole copy of Punk Planet I ever bought, I don’t play that much unless I’m in a band at a given time, and I almost never actually sit down to try and learn stuff, but in the wake of the Teen Dream off-to-the-races-in-AOTY-2010 hype cycle I learned to play Zebra, because it’s a nice song and easy enough to play. If you’ve been to my flat in the last 3 months I’ve probably been picking this while you were talking about some shite.

TDOM Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh

Fight Like Apes – Jake Summers

I’ve probably spent a slightly longer time than the average citizen thinking about what the narrative of Jake Summers actually says, but I still can’t really think about it without finding it funny.

She buys him a present of white secondhand boots. They are not pink, though it is unclear who is claiming that they are pink. They look nice. He wears them to play with geese, who have no idea what’s going on, because they’re obviously geese.

Then it takes off in another direction. A delightful piece of Fiery Furnaces-esque oddness up till then though. I’d get the EP version for you but it’s upstairs so make do.

TDOM Day 24: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Funeral

Borgore – Act Like A Ho

I have no kind of expectation that I’ll actually get to watch my own funeral from behind the space-time version of a two-way mirror in an interview room, but if I did here’s how I would like it to go:

1. Solemnity.
2. Act Like A Ho
3. Confusion

Borgore is a dubstep DJ and producer from Tel Aviv where, presumably, people go pretty hard cos they’re worried about being blown up. Wait it out till the drop if you’re sceptical about the outrageously sexist lyrics.