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Hip Hop Monday #9: Too fucking ignorant to do some research.

Tyler, the Creator – Goblin

I suppose we’d better do something to mark the occasion, right? Let’s read some Tyler casually.

So Goblin starts with an almost seven-minute-long, partly spoken word track that takes the form of a dialogue between Tyler, the Creator and his therapist, who we’ve already encountered on Bastard. The last track on Bastard, Inglorious, ends with the line “D-lo where’s the trigger, I’ll let this bullet play hero”. It’s ambiguous, but, presuming we can play God and pick which parts of Tyler’s lyrics are ‘play’ and which are canon narrative, we can take it that the Last Time On Odd Future 30 second round-up before Goblin starts features Tyler shooting someone, or himself. Enter therapist.

You wouldn’t do that Tyler, kill yourself, or anyone. You don’t even have the balls to begin with. What you need is… me. I just want to talk to you. It’s been a while since your last session. So…tell me what’s been going

So it didn’t happen. But also, what’s this? The therapist that was once the platonic ideal of a school-prescribed therapist for Tyler to bounce off has become awfully familiar. He still wants some confessions though. Tyler obviously obliges, as it’s his album and he needs to start rapping sometime. Square brackets for the therapist.

I’m not a fucking role model
[I know this]
I’m a 19 year old fucking emotional coaster with pipe dreams

Tyler noticed what you noticed from those 10,000 thinkpieces. People give a shit what he says, and it’s weird.

So Kanye tweeted telling people he’s bumping all of my shit
These motherfuckers think I’m supposed to live up to something?
Shit, I’m still jacking off and proceeding my life careless
And getting more pussy cos I tell bitches I’m Wood Harris (as you should)
LA to Paris, I’m getting these weird stares, from skate parks and airports It’s all in the air, it’s weird

Oh great, a rap album about being famous. Wait, hold on, that’s what every rap album is about (excluding ones about how weird it is that there’s a pyramid with an eye on the dollar bill). Wood Harris played Avon Barksdale in edgy, underground cop procedural The Wire. They do look similar. There is no sexual violence in it, so you can probably watch it without having to commit to writing an essay-length thinkpiece about whether or not David Simon is a threat to mankind.

Yonkers dropped and left their craniums mind-fucked.

It did. Nearly 8.5 million views on YouTube, plus OF went from something for skater kids and nerdy rap bloggers to something for the front cover of the Irish Times and 40% of all Tumblr bandwidth indefinitely. Intergalactic punk rock hip hop. Also, Goblin is the first song on the album, Yonkers is next. So you’ve just been meta-mindfucked.

Now competition missing like that nigga my mom fucked.
He still hasn’t called me yet
[It’s not your fault]
That’s a whole fucking different argument
Shit, I got over it

Inglorious, that last track on Bastard, is entirely, confessionally and almost hammily about succeeding without a father. These lines are part of the framework for Goblin – he’s not Bastard Tyler any more.

And a couple bucks in my pocket
So now I could go buy a couple Hot Pockets
So grandma can stop cooking those nasty ass collard greens

Tyler is making enough money to buy microwaveable meat-and-cheese pasties instead of eating the vegetables his granny cooks, which is a pretty “children who’s fucked up in they mental” way to frame the by now near-formal ‘I give my ma money’ stuff.

Pressures on me like this top hat
Bastard intro, how the fuck I’m gonna top that?

Bastard, from Bastard, is also an eponymous intro and a dialogue between Tyler and his therapist. It’s piano – actual piano played by Tyler, not samples – and him talking. It introduces not only Bastard as a concept album (“Fuck a deal, I just want my father’s email/So I can tell him how much I fucking hate him in detail”) but also, as the first song on the first actual Tyler album, introduces Tyler, the Creator as a persona, with the pretty deadly and (calling it) NOW LEGENDARY opening line “This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep.” Oh, by the way, the therapist introduces himself as Dr. TC. Which is important.

Okay you guys caught me
I’m not a fucking rapist, or a serial killer, I lied
[You know, you just wanted attention]
I tried too hard huh?

Wait, what?!

Made a couple thou and I just don’t know what to buy yet
Supreme shit is free and I don’t drink so fuck a wine set
Nigga fuck a mindset, my brain is an obscenity
I’m fucked in the head, I lost my mind with my virginity

Tyler’s mental, he mightn’t have made that clear yet.

Oh, that’s a triple 3-6, isn’t he a devil worshipper?
Cos I’m too fucking ignorant to do some research

The “do some research” line is something Tyler tends to resort to when people in interviews trying to find roundabout ways to ask him if he is pro-rape and anti-gay. If the Drone interview isn’t enough for you in that regard, I wish I could find a non-condescending way of suggesting that there are loads of other rap groups or even non-rap musical outfits that you might enjoy spending your time with. It is fully your right to be uncomfortable with the lyrical content if you want to be, but you’re unlikely to convert me at this point.

I’m the star of the a group, so no one else gets the respect they deserve cos of you

No-one even told Mike G where Earl was before the Complex story even though they knew. Proportional to effort (sup Taco) he is the most slept-on member. But yeah it must be weird to get way more famous than your friends and have your own Adult Swim serial killer/rapist fantasies projected onto their weed raps. I wonder if Domo Genesis has ever had an interviewer ask him if he’s horrorcore?

[Bastard was good though]
What you think I recorded for?
To have a bunch of critics call my shit a bunch of horrorcore?
Like I didn’t make Parade or Inglorious cos I’m too fuckin’ scared to tell my friends the way I really fucking feel?

Bastard was good. On Red Flame, Lil B says that if you don’t have Blue Flame, “get that to understand this”. He’s full of shit because there is absolutely no reason why you would need to have Blue Flame to understand Red Flame other than getting that the joke songs are jokes, but if you’re trying to unpack Goblin at any intellectual level at all you’re going to want to have listened to some previous album tracks so you realise there’s more to Tyler than Wolf Haley saying disgusting shit.

Of course they only listen to lyrics about me pissing off
In the tombs of Lara Croft
I’m getting pissed off

“Go ahead admit it faggot, this shit is tighter than butt rape/That involve ballpark franks and silver duct tape.” Understandable, maybe, that people talk about the weirder shit more than the more normal stuff, even if both are good.

Messageboards are on my dick, I need a pissing waiver
Lemme bust one in they mouth, i know they feel the flavor

Get off his dick, he needs to piss, dude.

Can’t they just be happy for me, like, a kid with nothing living out his dreams
Why they gotta fucking hate?

“Lebron ain’t make it to the NBA from hating/He made it from dedication, ambition and motivation.” Meek Mill. Take fucking note, hatin’ ass cowards. Although fuck the concept of ‘haters’ as a shield against criticism. Sorry Ty.

I don’t even skate anymore, I’m too fucking busy
I can barely kick flip now

When Tyler refers to people ‘from Odd Future’ who are very clearly never anywhere near the studio, he’s talking about the skaters. Here’s some of them plus Tyler at the Berrics doing tricks. Takes him most of the video to do anything, but he does eventually do a not particularly steezy switch 50-50 right at the end, so keep watching.

[Why’s that? No free time?]
The fuck you mean I’m not talented?
You see the shit I’ve been doing?
[I have. You’re a great person.]
I mean I’m not that good of a rapper but, on the whole I’m pretty… cool, right?

This is spoken word. Shakespeare tells the truth when he rhymes, Tyler tells the truth when he doesn’t. Or maybe. Well, no. But it sounds more self-doubty when he does it like this.

People excited think this shit is so tight
Getting co-signs from rappers i dont even like


What the fuck you want me to do?
Start to gobble his Mike
Start Jackson em off, till his cap blasting off
Fuck that

Sleek Michael Jackson reference.

These niggas aint fuckin with me
Cos I dont listen to the Immortal Tech of the nique
And all this underground bullshit that’s never gone peak
On the Billboard Top 20 and Jam of the Week

Immortal Technique is a dusty loop New York conscious rapper that of the type that tends to take themselves and social issues very seriously and do third person rappers about unnamed male protagonists who get tired of life on the streets, and call themselves things like Immortal Technique. Real Hip Hop, is what Dead Prez would call it, I think. And it won’t stop until we get the po-po off the block.

I’d rather listen to Badu and Pusha the T
and Waka Flocka Flame instead of that real hip hop that’s full of the shit

Tyler lists three dissimilar artists he enjoys more than Real Hip Hop. Pusha T, who rapped over Neptunes beats with the Clipse and now carries Kanye’s pussy and religion, is an obvious influence and part of his much-tweeted ‘top five’. Erykah Badu is the sexiest shit ever, and Waka Flocka Flame is the least sexy shit and possibly the least conscious rap ever to exist.

But they wanna critique
Everything that we, Wolf Gang, has ever released
But they don’t get it
[They don’t. It’s not made for them.]
Cos it’s not made for them
The nigga that’s in the mirror rapping, it’s made for him
But they do not have the mindset that is same as him
I’m not weird, you’re just a faggot, shame on him

It’s nice to get a picture of what the artist considers the Ideal Reader. A lame dude rapping in the mirror, not critics or anyone who likes Immortal Technique. Obviously releasing music, especially if its stated ambition is to reach the Billboard Top 20, entails people other than the person in your mind listening to it, but knowing who you’re supposed to be when you put in headphones is another part of the text, and kind of fun.

[It is, but Tyler, you’re going to have to cut down on that faggot word, that’s very… that’s a bad…]

Bad word.

I’m not homophobic

Wait what?!

[I don’t think you are but…]

Oh man therapist you took the bait so hard there.

[Right, well, since the last time, you’ve…]
What the fuck is a good performance?
I get on stage and have as much fun as I can
[You seem like you do. Your Twitter posts are just… I mean it’s really random. And it’s AD…]
Who doesn’t have ADD?

So Odd Future still do most (if not all, I haven’t been to any and youtubing every single one would be too much effort) of their shows with the vocals still on the backing track and they sacrifice quality in terms of eyes-closed-in-a-vacuum live show for stage-diving and gang chants. Tyler watched Kanye at Coachella and got momentarily introspective about how he’s not doing a proper concert, but resolved not to care. And he’s got ADD! If we can’t agree on anything else, I think we, and everyone who has ever written an article of note on Odd Future, can agree that Tyler has ADD.

Well… I don’t.

Some day in the future when Odd Future’s on the Leaving Cert course people are going to give due respect to the depth of the persona Tyler has created. People I’ve talked to about it are divided on whether or not stuff outside the albums count as ‘text’ when it comes to figuring out what the fuck is going on with Tyler, but I think it does. The Twitter, the skit videos, certain interviews, everything. It’s not just that he’s playing a character in specific songs, which has been one of the defenses for the rape-references – and he does play characters in specific songs – but the whole thing is a meta-character too. The only Tyler interview from before Odd Future became a thing is the piece on the performance school for teenagers who don’t succeed in normal schools where the teachers say he is on another level and the next Andre 3000. I can’t find it right now, but it does exist. The character, as I see it, is fluid – he slips in and out, or is ‘in character’ varying amounts at various times – but very little of what OF does isn’t calculated by Tyler in at least a general vibe sort of way.

I wish Thebe was here.


Therapy’s been saying that niggas getting offended
They don’t wanna fuck with me cos i do not fuck with religion
But see that’s my decision
You fuckers don’t have to listen and hear
Put this middle finger in your ear
[I’d rather not.]

You might like JUSTIN BIEBER.

Someone gets blamed
Cos some white kid [white?] had aimed his AK47 at 47 kids
And I don’t wanna see my name mentioned
[I don’t think anyone’s gonna mention… I don’t think anyone takes you serious enough to believe you.]

But they totally do, which is weird. Arguably not seriously enough to shoot up a school, but definitely seriously enough to get Marilyn Manson’d. Saying the Columbine shooters seemed like cool guys on Twitter on the anniversary of the Columbine shootings will presumably not help when they’re looking for someone to blame for the next one. Also having different songs on both of your albums with the chorus “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school” is going to lead to some awkward dock-time and might need Blind Boy Boat Club brought in to explain the difference between denotative and connotative language to an even broader audience.

College wasnt working
And I wasn’t working
So I sat at home jerking off until my dick was hurting
But I was determined to be great
So this classes can wait
Cos those 4 days i went, I wasn’t learnin shit
Now I’m living dreams I’ve wanted since 8th
And I can afford to get my mother something on her birthday
[You’ve explained to me that you were in school but… I mean… I…]

The college thing’s vexed. He used to claim he was in film school, followed by claiming he used to be in film school, followed by claiming he was never in film school and just said that so he seemed more impressive. The early articles used to say things like “film school dropout Tyler”, but obviously that’s given way to just “Tyler” as that became enough. Also, in more uninteresting biography, Tyler apparently used to work for Fed-Ex but lost his job for some reason. Dedicated his life to masturbation and becoming a great artist, in what must be inspirational to bold dole soldiers the country over.

They claim the shit I say is just wrong
Like nobody has those really dark thoughts when alone
I’m just a teenager, who admits he’s suicide prone
My life is doing pretty good
So that date postponed for now

This is the flip of the aggressive Tyler-as-a-character angle I’ve been pushing as regards interpreting his stuff. Angsty teenager shit for angsty teenagers is definitely an aspect of it, but maybe I overlook that a little because it’s not what appeals to me about the music. There’s definitely some cheerleading for the disaffected youth on Goblin the album (especially Radicals which basically outright says ‘you JUST MIGHT be one of us too!’). But beware believing anything.

But wow, life’s a cute bitch full of oestrogen
And when she gives you lemons, nigga, throw em at pedestrians
[So what are you saying? Take advantage? You’ve been doing pretty good.]

That’s just some cool shit.

I still live in my grandma’s house
Sell out a fucking show in London just to end up on couches
I hate my fucking life, but when I make that announcement
My hero calls my phone, just to put that in doubt then

The perennial difficulty inherent in hating your life when you have a fucking amazing life. The hero on the phone, at a guess? Pharrell.

And then I am confused if I want in or just out
My friends really think I’m playing when I say I need counselling
I sit in grandmother’s living room and just pout and shout loud inside
Sometimes i just wanna die
[No you don’t]

Alea iacta est.

Odd Future came from the bottom and It’s gonna take a couple armed armies tryna stop em
All you fucking lames don’t have to like me
The devil doesn’t wear Prada, I’m clearly in a fucking white tee.

And there we have it. Anti-hero/anti-christ.

There was no real overarching point to this other than to maybe show absolute beginners that there’s more to Tyler than rape jokes and to do something long-form to commemorate the release of the album I’ve been most looking forward to since Radiohead released Hail To The Thief and I brought my discman up to HMV Blanchardstown so I could listen to it straight away. Goblin is great. There’s awkward moments, but it’s a step up from Bastard and it’s a step up to the plate.

6.48 of the intro track, you’re thinking “that kind of clarifies a lot”. And then Yonkers.

Tyler, the Creator – Yonkers


Odd Future announced for Oxegen. See you there.

Hip Hop Monday #8: Blueprint, Flocka, Charles Hamilton, Earl, Lil B

No particular theme to this one, just a couple of songs I like, a couple of exciting news items, a small bit of analysis AND INDUSTRIAL DOSES OF SWAG.*

Blueprint – Go Hard Or Go Home (Printnificence)

This is from Blueprint’s solo mixtape Adventures In Counter Culture. With slow, deliberate delivery and polysyllabics and enunciation that land somewhere between West Coast backpack and Doom, he covers some pretty sincere conceptual shit over the course of the tape without ever ending up in “vernacular original miraculous spectacular flow” territory (shouts out to KRS-One’s new album for being mad boring). A few lines I liked from this track:

I’mma tear rap down and rebuild the shit
With total disregard of if the pieces even fit
Reintroduce it to you with an unfamiliar twist
Make it feel different like you fucking a different bitch

My favourite beats are the gloopy, post-Dilla ones, done with soft synths instead of crate digging. The whole thing is a niche of hip hop I haven’t really been into yet, so it’s sounding pretty fresh and inviting at the moment. Although obviously it does sound a little stupid when KRS already made a album called Blueprint first.

Waka Flocka Flame – Brick Squad Monopoly (feat. P Smurf & Mouse)

Waka Flocka Flame still exists and has a new mixtape. This song features the line “You look like Wyclef, bitch that’s why I left.”

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

This is Charles Hamilton, who Went Mental And Fell Off before anyone even got a chance to call him the greatest rapper alive in youtube comments, and now endures his mates trying to explain to him that existence costs money. It’s not new (it’s from 2008) but it’s still a jam. Brief potted summary of Charles’ trajectory: made mixtapes, signed to Interscope, got punched by a girl, claimed the ghost of J Dilla was his executive producer, was no longer signed to Interscope. There’s a homemade compilation and a better explanation on George Bush Money.

Earl Sweatshirt – Pigions feat. Wolf Haley

In other news, Earl is in Samoa. If you don’t already know that, the level of attention you are paying to Odd Future constitutes criminal neglect. Those OF members who aren’t 17 and in military school got up with Lil B at Coachella too.

Also, Lil B told Coachella that he’s doing an album called I’m Gay, but he listed about five different mixtape titles on Red Flame that never came out, so Lil B saying he’s going to do something doesn’t necessarily indicate that he’s going to do something. Still, if anyone didn’t get what he was trying to get at with all that ‘pretty bitch’ stuff, he’s spelling it out (note: Lil B is ostensibly not actually gay).

Lil B’s retweets of his fans supporting/admonishing him were really interesting. There were those, like this guy, who just don’t like it and aren’t behind it (no homo) due to old school, straight up homophobia. Others, like this girl, defended it on the grounds that the word gay doesn’t necessarily mean homosexual, which requires cognitive dissonance denser than a rainforest. Other people just approve of anything Lil B does. My favourite argument, however, was one that popped up a couple of times amongst the rest – that words themselves have no meaning. Fascinating anthropological experiment, really.

My take, based on a couple of interviews and the kind of stuff he says on Tumblr occasionally, is that he got a good reaction from fans to the ‘pretty bitch’ stuff. He calls himself a pretty bitch, but he still makes good music – this in itself is kind of a challenge to people within the hip hop community, and it’s part of a normalising process for gayness that also includes Kanye West’s entourage looking mental and Just Blaze and 50 Cent telling their twitter followers not to say ‘no homo’ any more. He just stripped down a couple of the layers to make it simpler for people. Lil B has a Christ complex.

Also, I’m writing at length about it at 3.30am and presumably lots of people around the world are thinking about it too. If he knows how to do anything (apart from miming eating), it’s how to go viral.

* This is a lie.

The Year. 25-21

25. Salem – King Night [US]

At times it feels like Salem exist solely to create disdain. Witch house is a stupid name for a genre, especially one that doesn’t sound like house, rapegaze is even stupider, and its happier older cousin chillwave was pretty much ruined integrity-wise by being named by HRO in the first place. But this is obviously emotionally affecting stuff, textured and – though this has been used as a criticism – eerily dispassionate. You can look at it as deracinated hip hop, and the weird dude rapping occasionally can make that happen, or you can take it alongside the anhedonia of someone like Grouper, pumped with a little more drama and underpinned with basic drum machine beats. Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it roars, but it always does it with a set of dead eyes that do strange things to your stomach. Like a witch, in your house. Or something like that.
The actual Witch House in Salem that I walked past once, and Chris Weingarten’s angry anti-Salem hip hop mixtape.

Salem – King Night

24. Pantha du Prince – Black Noise [D]

This is techno music that seems to move with your mood, to say different things. Or maybe it just alters your mood. But still, it feels mapped to the day, sitting, lying down or walking, it shades in the space behind fleeting thoughts. Techno is something I never got past the hall with, but in this theory, that’s because not all techno’s for everybody. Find the beats that are fit to you, and play them to death. The careful chimes of Abglanz and the busy stasis of Es Schneit are nothing less than hypnotic. And Panda Bear’s appearance on Stick To My Sides? Pretty good too.
Interview with The Quietus and a Pitchfork Guest List

Pantha du Prince – Abglanz

23. Tinchy Stryder – Third Strike [UK]

Hah, only joking.

23. Tinchy Stryer – Third Strike [UK]

Oh no wait, no, I wasn’t joking. Even though Tinchy Stryder is consummate bus-back phone-speaker fodder, there’s an argument to be made for huge-sounding, commercial rap music when it’s good, even if it’s British. And here it is. There’s cautious, considered-sounding music, introspective stuff. And then there’s the other thing. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it on a grand scale. Third Strike is full of cheesy session vocalist hooks, but it’s also full of a guy with a flow that’s as polished as salad days Jay-Z, over beats that, at their best, snap enough to break necks (Gangsta?), pop with immediacy like the best club tracks (Never Know) or drive worms out of the ground in terror for miles around with their disgusting, distorted sub bass (Game Over). Not grime, but grimy.
The video to Game Over with a billion guests, and his Twitter.

Tinchy Stryder – Gangsta?

22. Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers [US]

Domo Genesis is Odd Future’s weed guy. It’s pretty much as straightforward as that. Tyler and Earl might rap about fucking Goldilocks and masturbating to Asher Roth (for some reason), but this is Domo and his album is called Rolling Papers, because he likes smoking weed. But, contrary to the discourse, OF’s not just about saying weird shit. It’s, and forgive this, a certain swagger. The beats shuffle along reluctantly, dragged out and slow with signature change ups, and Domo just rides that, expressing himself. That’s all he needs to do. On Kickin It, he’s so laid back, the beat’s backwards. On Drunk, he steps out a little and shows something. And when Tyler shows up – first as Wolf Haley on the title track and then as Ace Creator on the ridiculous and brilliant stoner-vs-non-stoner-in-a-shop-queue track Super Market – even better. If it’s not obvious by now, you gotta smoke a bean on this one.
Download literally everything available here and then read Domo talk about cereal.

Domo Genesis feat. Ace Creator – Super Market

21. Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts

The reverb thing is a good way to make overtly poppy punk music seem less cloying, to let obvious melodies have to come up and find you. There are no songs over 2.41 on this, and that’s how it should be. Noise fights with what could sometimes (say Nothing Used To Hurt) could be a Blink 182 album track, but it’s the sense of abandon that makes it so attractive, the slight bump in tempo when any song resolves back to the main riff and the drums go back to smashing cymbals. And then there are the bits that are more obviously indebted to the proto-indie rock canon, back when it was still mail order, zines and taping shit off people who have it. I wasn’t there, but Male Bonding is what I want it to have sounded like in my head.
Interview from The Line of Best Fit and them on p4ktv

Male Bonding – All Things This Way

Hip Hop Monday #1: Odd Future, Kanye, Freed Weezy

I’m starting a series. Two actually, this one and one on Fridays called Lo-Fi Fridays. I would imagine that, in particular, nobody was sitting at home going “man, I wish there was a regular weekly feature on rap music on Those Geese Were Stupefied” but I’m listening to a lot of it, I want to try to write about it, and I need a good excuse to write regularly. So here it is.

Odd Future – Sandwitches

Odd Future had their first show outside America on Friday, in London. It went well. Per Tyler The Creator, founder, leader, producer and best rapper amongst them:

@fucktyler It Just Hit Me. I’m In Fucking London. What The Fuck? Just Performed A Sold Out Show, With Mosh Pits And White Kids That Know Lyrics. WTF.

Also this:

@fucktyler Just Took My First Shit In Another Country.

Tyler The Creator is obviously an excellent rapper, and he’s also got Eminem levels of charisma. And he does his own beats. There is no reason why he (and Odd Future) won’t be doing stupid shit at MTV Awards ceremonies within two years. It sounds hard and “real”, if “realness” is important to you in your rap music these days (do you believe Drake? he still loves that girl?) but it’s also just mental enough to endear itself to people who can’t square themselves with mainstream hip hop without irony. Like Eminem. Maybe a little rougher though.

I’m goin’ harder than a midget jumpin’ over me.
Chronic youth, I’m shovin’ blunt wraps in bitches’ ovaries.
Punches to the stomach where that bastard kid’s supposed to be.
Fuck a mask, I want that ho to know it’s me.

Not for kids.

There’s a distinct vibe off Tyler that he’s waiting in a green room to be the biggest rapper in the world. It’s not just because he’s great, and his buzz is building. He actually spends quite a lot of time talking about it, with Wu-Tang pride and no little sense of entitlement.

Nigga had the fuckin’ nerve to call me immature.
The fuck you think I made Odd Future for?
To wear suits and make good decisions?
Fuck that nigga.
Wolf Gang

Odd Future’s also called Wolf Gang (and Golf Wang). Tyler’s also called Wolf Haley. It’s a whole world to buy into. He also raps about rape quite a lot. Back to that another time.

Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean, Cyhi The Prince & J. Cole – Looking For Trouble

Kanye’s doing this Good Fridays thing where he puts loads of boring rappers on songs and puts them up on Fridays. They’re mostly crap. This new one is also kinda crap. The first two verse are okay, but it’s well-noted by Noz that Big Sean’s verse is way louder than the rest of them, and also Big Sean, do not rap about other people asking you to sit “at the throne”. C’mon, man. Dignity. And then minutes later J. Cole, much touted, says “never say I’m better than Hov but I’m the closest one.” He’s not. But c’mon, at least avoid the subject.

Lil Wayne got released from jail. He said this.

@liltunechi aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk

And also this

@liltunechi Ha ha ha ha ha

Because Lil Wayne is legitimately insane. I spent about 8 hours all told listening to Lil Wayne’s 100 Greatest Songs (also Noz) on Complex Magazine‘s site, to celebrate the freeing of Weezy, who I never cared that much about before. Guess what? A Milli’s number one. Guess what else? It’s probably the only Lil Wayne song I’ll intentionally listen to, ever again. But, for one long string of freestyle-esque words over a beat that’s nothing but one note of sub bass, it’s pretty remarkable. This is not news.

Lil Wayne – A Milli

Hi, Hype Machine. Next week this will not be stuff you care about.