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I want everybody to describe the walls of their teenage bedroom.


Deerhunter played Whelans last night. I suppose, if yours was a generally systemic view of history, you’d say that this is because Deerhunter always play in Ireland. It’s just what they do, like cats eat mice and clouds appear on August days in Dublin. Up until yesterday, in fact, I wouldn’t have even counted myself among the ranks of Deerhunter listeners, and I’d still seen them live before.

I wasn’t a fan the last time I saw them, rendered conventional by High Places on one side of them and Dan Deacon on the other at Foggy Fest 2008. However, (and I suppose this some sort of testament to the fact that if you just tour all the time you will eventually grow your fanbase) the combination of People of Discerning Taste continuing to like them, the fact that I haven’t seen enough live music this summer and the presence of Angkorwat in support led me to part with seventeen euro and go see the Indie Rock Musician You Would Least Like To Be Stranded On A Desert Island With perform.

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High White Deer

The ground’s been covered by others already, and I’ve fallen into the bad habit of writing way too much about everything, so I’m going to do one sentence reviews of all the bands from the Future Days festival, which was a good night in general.

High Places – Their one good song was good, if just as muddy as everything else.
White Williams – Shite Williams
Deerhunter – I wanted to like them, but they did not grab me.
Dan Deacon – The best holiday entertainer ever, and my vote for world-wide funmaker.
Jape – Tried bit hard at the start, before busting out the perennially great Floating and sliding easily and brilliantly to the finishing line.