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I listen to things people send me and say what I think of them.

To date, I have never acted on an unsolicited PR email that wasn’t from someone I already knew at least something about. That changes now, as I coldly and scientifically listen to some randomly selected tracks from my email account and say what I think is up with them.

This is IndianRedLopez, who are Scottish. I don’t think they commit strongly enough to either ‘ambience’ or ‘songliness’, which is possibly a way of saying that there’s nothing particularly impressive about this track. It could theoretically fit on Phantom’s playlist I suppose, but to me it sounds like fairly mundane 16thy rock executed with expensive-sounding synths possibly in order to be different to other more conventional 16thy rock. Which is fine if you give a shit about the progression of 16thy rock, but as a current fan of neither the tail of end of NME British rock or post-Brand New American emotive indie rock, this does nothing for me.

This is Chad Valley, who’s from Oxford. It sounds summer-twilighty, almost as if it’s making some reference to chillwave, but its slow blissed out beachy sound, underpinned by those vaguely tropical drums, makes me feel like I only think that because I don’t know anything about Ibiza. I’ve never been to a pool party, but if I was going to go to one, I probably wouldn’t mind if this came on, and if I was making a mix CD for someone who needed to calm down a little, I’d put this between M83 and Fred Falke.


This is Milk Maid, who are from Manchester, and this is both what I am used to talking about and ‘what I am talking about’, in the praiseworthy sense. A single chord progression all the way to the middle 8, it’s got that Smith Westerns, quality, carefully crafted garage rock vibe to it and it’s slathered in the reverb as well. The press release compared it to Woods and Black Lips but to me it’s got muscle to it that Woods doesn’t have and a certain type of chillness that Black Lips doesn’t have. Very pro Milk Maid. Their debut album is out June 20th on Fat Cat.


This is Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Sounds like gay clubs.

This Electric Wire Hustle, who are from New Zealand. This sounds like what instrumental hip-hop with that Dilla/FlyLo snap to it, except that it’s too busy and it has vocals over it. Still, there is certainly enough enticement for violent head-bobbing here below the Once In A Lifetime treble dazzle, and it’s fun to hear a much more song-based iteration of this type of music. It’s also, independent of any real logic, always exciting to hear something you’d never expect from a place to come from that place. I would listen to Blueprint or Atmosphere over a stripped down version of this, but it’s fine as it is, too.


Okay no-one emailed me this but it’s No Monster Club who’ve embarked on a European tour as of this morning. So on the off chance any Veronesi or Valencianos read this blog regularly, do not miss them at these locations.

June 17 – Cafe Kairo, Bern, Switzerland
June 18 – Youthtramp Festival, Bar Sartea, Vicenza, Italy
June 19 – Youthtramp Festival, Osteria S’ciavinaro, Verona, Italy
June 22 – Le Saint des Seins, Toulouse, France
June 23 – Autoplacer Festival, Madrid, Spain
June 24 – Joan Santamaria Perruquer, Valencia, Spain
June 25 – Relámpago Festival @ Tube II, Barcelona, Spain