This is a music blog. I am Karl McDonald. I am from Dublin, Ireland. Here I am on holidays.

The blog started several years ago with the idea that I would write about every gig I went to, with the aim that I’d have a full record of that period of my life. I stopped doing that at some point, and now I do various other things, primarily writing large amounts of text about rappers or bands I really like and ‘unpacking’ the narratives I see surrounding them as best I can.

I do monthly rap reviews as well as music interviews and the occasional feature for Totally Dublin magazine, and I’ve also contributed to AU, One More Robot, Totally Stockholm and Analogue, on top of student media stuff and occasional general freelance work. Outside of writing, I was half of a music discussion/insult exchange podcast called Them’s The Vagaries and, by the time you read this, I’ll probably have finished a degree in History and English in Trinity College Dublin.

If you’re looking to pay me to do stuff, here’s some praise: The Irish Independent once said I was “a young Irish writer who takes his music as serious as most scholars take James Joyce.” I suppose you could call that praise. Danny Brown said I “get” him. I also won some student media awards once.


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