People’s List #97. They don’t love you like I love you.

97. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever To Tell

Released: 2003

When I got it: 2006, maybe. I got it on CD in a sale when I had a summer job and didn’t know how else to spend money.

What I originally thought: I overcame my original scepticism – grounded in dislike of Karen O worship and a general resentment of people enjoying themselves more than me at indie discos – to enjoy it a lot. It’s simple and strong and the songs are largely short, which makes it an easy album to get into in the first place. I seem to remember listening to it quite a lot while studying for my Leaving Cert. I’m not sure if that’s relevant. Probably not. I liked the fact that it sounded heavy despite not having that much going on. The kind of thing magazines called ‘edgy’.

The interim: I’ve never had this downloaded. I probably listen to it once or twice a year on CD, and otherwise hear the songs sometimes when I’m out. Maps was on Guitar Hero.

What I think now: It’s certainly dated, or the core sound of the album has dated anyway. NME’s New Rock Revolution was stupid and sounds stupid now and if Yeah Yeah Yeahs hadn’t been cool enough image-wise to jump onto the British indie thing that came after that, they’d be lost in that forever. Stuff like Tick and Date With The Night is annoying to hear now. Also, the (‘edgy’) teen rebellion lyrics (“Boy you just a stupid bitch and girl you’re just a no good dick”) would be enough to just stop listening if I was made to review this blind or something. But then there are the good songs. Maps deserves its place on the decade compilation that will now never have to exist and Y Control, which I always preferred, as if holding that preference was meaningful in some way, feels perfectly build and potent still. Diagnosis-wise, I’ll put those two on the playlist I’m making as I go along and leave the rest to sleep.

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