People’s List #98. 365 750

98. Giant Drag – Hearts and Unicorns

Released: 2005

When I got it: 2012

What I originally thought: This was only about 7 months ago, so this entry will be a bit pointless. Someone posted Kevin Is Gay on Facebook, I listened to it and thought it was fun. In the comments, people were getting nostalgic. I realised that I’d been confusing Giant Drag with Love Is All for more than half a decade. I listened to it a lot while playing Football Manager 2008 and Civilisation IV. I thought it was good.

The interim: I still haven’t got any new budget PC games to play while I listen to music, but I will be getting paid for the job I got in about a week and a half, so I’ll probably get a couple then.

What I think now: Is it a reasonable claim to say that Giant Drag dated less than other mid-2000s indie rock because it already had the emotional detachment (i.e. callous hipster irony) that came more into fashion as the generations cycled, and also that when it was pretty, cold or serious it executed it in a dreamy way rather than through rectal clenching? I also appreciate that it’s simple, upbeat indie rock without the baggage of pure lo-fi, which I got a little tired of as an aesthetic. Thirdly, this is probably the worst cover of the whole hundred, and I have OK Computer on this list.


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