Taking the bait again as always

Pitchfork are doing a thing where they get people to make lists of their favourite music since Pitchfork started to exist.

Now, there are plenty of openings for cynicism with this project, but 1996-2011 just about comprehensively covers the period of time in which my identifiable taste was developed, in the sense that I was backing 1997 albums in 2003 as representative albums of ‘now’ that I liked. I mean, I like 13th Floor Elevators as much as the next guy, but my expertise is mostly in this period of time.

Also, as you might notice every November to February, I was a list kid and I am really into lists. So, even though the actual interface of the P4K site is really annoying, I did my best to list 100 albums I could stand behind. I then ordered them very roughly until I couldn’t stand doing any more giant drags of Giant Drag album covers.

The reason this post exists is because I’m going to listen to everything on the list in reverse order and note how my perceptions have changed. Some of the albums on the list are very clearly legacy picks, and some are stuff I would have not even known what to do with in 2007 or whenever, but the stated function of WordPress blogs is to act as if you are the centre of the universe, so I thought I’d get back to checking what I think about stuff.

This could literally take forever because there are 100 albums. If you, like everyone else, just want to click stuff now and be done with it, here are a few lists of interest (i.e. lists by people I follow on Twitter):

Darragh McCauslandhttp://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/a93f9523/
Sean Mc Tiernanhttp://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/356b10bc/
Hardcore For Nerdshttp://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/3fdbb4a4/
B Michael Painehttp://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/87643b79/
Aidan Hanrattyhttp://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/64400a7b/
David Drakehttp://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/ea94becd/


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