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Swagger on a hundred thousand… hundred trillion.

It’s Lil B’s birthday. I tweeted this, but I might as well write a little about it too. These are my five favourite Lil B songs.

5. Lil B – Pretty Bitch

I came to Based God either early or late depending on what perspective you’re coming from. Probably a little late. The first mixtape I got was Red Flame, so, in attempting to keep up with everything he put out from then on, I didn’t make it back to the 2009 stuff for a long time. If I’d heard Pretty Bitch first, like a lot of people must have, I might not have taken the I’m Paris Hilton/I’m Miley Cyrus/I’m Bill Clinton stuff to mean he’s fully a novelty rapper right off the bat.

This is basically just a hit, and it features one of the things I keep on my rap bingo card – a reference to Nicki Minaj as if she is the very platonic ideal of a woman. “Nicki Minaj, I’m the finest bitch out,” he confusingly claims. It’s also pretty vulgar, a monument to the pre-positive Based God, and its video is probably the textbook example of a Lil B handicam video that’s just him miming poorly on a couch/playing chess.

4. Lil B – Im Paris Hilton

Over what sounds like a 96kbps version of Young L’s first perfect piece of martian knock, this is conversely the kind of thing that would convince you that he’s a novelty rapper. But the best novelty rapper of all time. Fully a song about being Paris Hilton. Not a metaphor. “I married Paris Hilton. We’re at the Hilton. Limousine driver, nickname Hilton. I like Paris Hilton. Where’s Paris Hilton? She can sue me cos I’m worth a million. I’m Paris Hilton.” Cmon.

3. Lil B – Unchain Me

When Noz was dismissing Flying Lotus, he said “I could just play a John Coltrane record and a J Dilla record” at the same time or something. I listen to more Flying Lotus than Coltrane or Dilla (blow me) but I don’t like Clams Casino much because I keep thinking “I could just put a drum machine beat under Colm Meaney’s Celtic mysticism CDs”. Nonetheless, Clams’ track Unchain Me is the best thing on Im Gay, which retrospectively no-one should have expected to have any kind of coherent message or point beyond being sound. It’s the best Lil B track since he went full-on positive. “It’s connected to the woods, the wilderness is my home/The world says I’m bad because of my colour. But they don’t get the fact I said that I love you.”

2. Lil B – Exhibit Based

If you need a go-to to prove to your Real Hip Hop friends that Lil B is basically choosing not to rap “well”, show them Exhibit Based. Matching or maybe beating Jay Electronica on his best song, over a (probably Youtube ripped) Just Blaze track, this is the one I still consider canon for Lil B as a character. That’s a ridiculous and arbitrary decision, because there’s no canon, but it sounds earnest and it’s just a good and persistently interesting five minute rap with no chorus.

He talks about cocaine dreams, outgrowing the people around him in terms of maturity and stealing DVD players for his mother who doubted him, and interestingly, he also claims never to have robbed a family, the innocent or someone he’d hang around with. Omar-esque teenage Lil B.

The ad-libs at the start and end are both unbelievable too. He calls it the intro even though it’s not the first track on Red Flame, and tells you to get Blue Flame to understand Red Flame even though there’s no real discernable narrative and they’re both equally confusing. And he apologises to Jay Electronica for jumping on his track. And asks Just Blaze to contact him. God tier. Based God tier.

1. Lil B – Wonton Soup

He gets out of his car, THEN drops the roof, then eats wonton Soup, then gets into the car, then fucks your bitch, then eats wonton soup again, then claims to be “wet like wonton soup”.


The problem with the theography of Lil B is that neither the unfollowable streams of fan effusion nor the point-missing thinkpieces (of which this is kinda one) ever seem to be able to explain why Lil B has managed to sneak into a completely new niche that is neither consistently, demonstrably good or bad, while still being somehow self-evidently worthy of endless acclamation and love.

Wonton Soup is pure hit with vulgarity, like Pretty Bitch. But it’s better. And it has Lil B’s best eight bars full stop.

Suckers stay talking on them internet comments
Mad cos I’m most wanted, like Osama.
Please bitch, you haters don’t got not felonies
Young Based God flex ten armed robberies.
Young Based God been breaking and entering
Young Based God ride hot when you bought it
Thirty on my dick, on that court like Spalding
Bitches suck my dick because I look like JK Rowling.

Happy birthday Based God.


Hip Hop Monday #12: The soil where the rappers be gettin’ they lingo from.

Bay Area music from this year that I like, in YouTube format.

Andre Nickatina & The Jacka – Square Crows [San Francisco]

E-40 – Rear View Mirror [Vallejo]

Lil B – Unchain Me [Berkeley]

Young L – Domo Style [Berkeley]

Roach Gigz – Big Fat Beat [San Francisco]

Main Attrakionz – Swaggin Hard [Oakland]

and of course herself… [Oakland]