Cumbia my lord. Ahem.

As I say every time I post music for no real reason, I don’t normally do this, but here’s something good. The Dona Sandra EP by Orquesta is something you can get free and easy. It’s by Orlando, a Dublin-based producer who makes music influenced heavily by South American electronic music, in an unlikely twist. He also invented corpse cycling, as an aside, and did a Gucci Mane night in the Shaw that he guestposted about here.

I wasn’t going to post this because I know Orlando and because he was pestering me, but the song’s been in my head for days. It features Brazilian-New Yorker baile funk MC Zuzuka Poderosa and it is legitimately great, above and beyond the fact that it’s really pleasing that stuff like this comes out of Dublin as well as the indiepop/post-hardcore/navelgazey more traditional electronica scenes that are pumping out good stuff.

There are good remixes and another nice spacey cumbia song that’s been knocking around for a while on the EP, so download it for free there.


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