Them’s The Vagaries five episodes in.

Five episodes into Them’s The Vagaries, the popular podcast I do with Sean McTiernan. Dudes who wrote for the NME before it got shit listen to this podcast, and so should you. It is a podcast about music and pop culture “from two people of no real consequence/significance/importance”.

Subscribe on iTunes and ‘review’ it positively. I don’t use iTunes so I don’t know what that is really, but do it anyway. Sean promises a prize for the best review, which seems like bribery, but we’re all one big family here.

Like the page on Facebook. Going all out with this shit. Sean promises prizes here too, both Yeasayer’s newest album and Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions.

Repost on your blogs/microblogs/social networking profiles!

Also record 2 minute things and send them to seanmctiernan X if you want to be in the interlude – advertise your blog or podcast or say something funny, or whatever.


Episode 5: The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb – Macho Man, Kreayshawn, violent films, how to recommend stuff to people, pogs, etc.

Episode 4: Say Cheese And Die! – RZA’s movie, professional wrestling, idiots dancing to Shellac, De La Soul, Animal Collective, etc.

Episode 3: Monster Blood – Odd Future (the week Goblin came out and thus the last time all conversation centred around Tyler), the Prince Disagreement, The Beatles, Westwood, drops on rap mixtapes, etc.

Episode 2: Stay Out Of The Basement – covers of rap songs both good (jazz trio Odd Future) and bad (steampunk), Obama burning Trump, the freemasons, etc.

Episode 1: Welcome To The Dead House – Earl Sweatshirt being found, Nardwuar being great, the Led Zeppelin Disagreement, etc.


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