Another state of the union post.

Progress report/talking about myself post.

From the same RTE trip that yielded the video where I accidentally said I liked Kanye despite myself (as opposed to pretty much unconditionally), there is this video about my favourite piece of artwork, which I decided was the poster to Popicalia #2 featuring Squarehead, Grand Pocket Orchestra and Hipster Youth. Expecting international fame any time soon.

I’m finished doing TN2 after nine 28 page issues and a 64 page glossy guide to the Trinity Ball. When I was given the editorship this time last year, I was incredibly giddy about getting to produce that many copies of a physical culture newspaper with people whose writing I am genuinely interested in reading. They surprised me lots, and hopefully I didn’t disappoint them too much with uncaught spelling errors or what must have been really annoying recurring non sequitur rap and Half Man Half Biscuit headlines.

Won an Irish Student Media Award for Best Magazine for the Ball Guide (with Aoife Crowley) and another one for Best Features Writer: Arts and Pop Culture for music writing I did for TN2 (of Montreal and Adebisi Shank interviews and the mammoth Kanye review were what I entered). The Ball Guide was definitely the bigger undertaking but I’m possibly very slightly more pleased with the music writing one because those were things I thought out, typed out, laid out and sent to print on thousands of papers without regard for any kind of style other than what I wanted to write. Because, for the only time in my life, I actually had the power to do that. Which was nuts. All exciting and humbling stuff, and I now have two paperweights that look, as various people pointed out, like silicon breast implants. Thus far I use them mostly for showing off, but they’ll weigh down the chapters of my third book when I write that.

Being finished with that stuff possibly means that I’ll blog more. I’ve got an Aidan Wall (Porn On Vinyl/Hipster Youth/Long Lost Records) interview ‘in the can’ (via a USB drive) that I’ll put up on Totally Dublin this week. Doing hip hop reviews exclusively for them now on the reviews page for the next while at least, which is strange but kind of fun.

Going to continue the mixtape autobiography project soon. The second one’s also ‘in the can’ (via rendered to one long mp3 file) but Soundcloud thinks it’s got German classical music that EMI owns on it so it won’t let me upload it. It doesn’t, but obviously it is entirely constructed from copyrighted music so I don’t want to argue. I’ll skip it and move on.

I am, as always, free for you to pay me money to write things for you. Also have a lot of availability for writing things for free. I can write about anything so long as you’re comfortable with me comparing your line of washing machines to Polvo.

Follow me on Tumblr, it’s shit but whatever.

Gonna be doing more Them’s The Vagaries with Seán in an exciting new way.

Somebody buy me a domain and redesign this blog so it looks nicer please. Paying for Fileden and Soundcloud also acceptable.

Think that’s all I can think of right now. Sorry about all this.


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  1. Regarding your tumblr: SUMMERY GIRL!

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