The Year. Interlude: Grand Pocket Orchestra

As is customary, I try not to write about this especially in list context, but have asked Ruan, mogul of Popical Island and drummer in the awesome Squarehead and Tieranniesaur, to do a guest post on the topic instead. Here’s what he came up with.

I find it really hard to write at the best of times, but i was honoured to be asked to write this post and psyched to talk about an amazing album by one of my favourite bands. I failed, it’s proven too hard. At first i thought it’s because of my friendship with the band (one of them is sitting beside me right now, i have my monitor turned towards the wall). But that’d be odd, the music that’s excited me most this year has mostly been made by friends.

So i think that maybe i just listened to it too much, it reminds me of everything. ‘The Ice Cream’ is my 2010. Most of my memories, good and bad, are wrapped up in it. How can i put that into words? Really i just want to thank them so i drew this picture, the band as the Happy Tree Friends, I hope they like it.

And here’s a No Monster Club song.

No Monster Club – Wish Me Well


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