Them’s The Vagaries

Hey, so I know you were there at home going, “why doesn’t the internet have more of (Ah Here podcast presenter, blogger, tweeter, Newswhip and Awl writer) Seán Mc Tiernan and (guy whose blog I evidently read because I am reading this) Karl McDonald, especially talking to each other.”

Conveniently, we’re now doing a thing called Them’s The Vagaries for new collective blog thing 4FortyFour where we discuss a topic on Gmail chat and then post the transcript. This first one is on the topic of whether people’s personality influences your enjoyment of their music, via Ted Leo, Jogger, Odd Future, Morrissey, Rubberbandits and also Inevitably Via Kanye. You know it’s authentic cos I go to make toast in the middle of it. Check it out if you have a few minutes and want a fairly light read.



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