The Year. Prelude.

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At this point, before embarking, it’s customary to say a few things about the list I’m about to start doing. It’s the twenty-five best albums of 2010. In my opinion. If I’ve written about them before, I’ll link to that, but the idea is to review everything with a bit of distance and come up with a document of the year in new music as I heard it.

I’ve done it before, three times. 2009 is here and ends with Merriweather Post Pavilion because that is the only possible correct answer to “what was the best of album of 2009.” 2008 is here and ends with Vampire Weekend. 2007 is here and ends with Hissing Fauna. Read last year’s incredibly wanky prelude in the style of the then-operational Interview Project here.

Doing an end of year list, especially one where you write about stuff rather than just listing it off, is an excellent way to revisit music, hear it in a new light, make it fight other music you like and help you decide exactly what you like and how much. It can also be worth reading it future years. You can see your taste move. I recommend it.

And as for the catchphrase of our times, “this was the best year for Irish music that I can remember” – well, that’s true. But it was also, to my tastes, a particularly good year for everyone else’s music. So we’ll see.

There’ll be guest blogs from a variety of excellent sources, as with the last two years. I’ll also probably post a song along with each album this year, because posting music is something I do now that I didn’t do any of the previous years. Gonna try start tomorrow and hopefully finish before 2011, but that’s never been true before and it probably won’t be true this year either. In the immortal words of the Prophet, “fuck it, it’s Christmas.”


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