Lo-Fi Friday #2: Cloud Nothings, Sea Pinks, Girls Names

Cloud Nothings – Understand At All

Here is the first song from what is technically the first album by Dylan Baldi, if you don’t count the “collection” type stuff that came out this year. Call him a triumph of the bedroom thing, because you can’t read an interview or bio without getting a couple of sentences devoted to the fact that he started recording this stuff in his Ohio bedroom. Not California, though that little pre-chorus is pretty Pet Sounds. Like, a specific Pet Sounds song, not just “this music with any falsetto or harmonies sounds like Brian Wilson.”

He was interviewed by Sophie Elizabeth Smith in TN2 a while ago, where he took the opportunity to start a very mild lo-fi beef with Girls, saying “If I grew up in a cult I would probably just want a pizza too, or if I was an orphan or whatever he was”. What’s wrong with pizza dude? And he’s pretty militant about claiming to be “pop”. But pin him halfway between that respectful, nostalgia glazed pop that Girls make and a janglier version of the beat-rushing Wavves ‘hits’. You could call the stomping on the heels of the beat poor musicianship, or you could more romantically claim that it’s down to excitement about all the melodies and energy in the rest of the song and the inability to stay calm while the prospect of playing it is dangled. I choose the latter.

Sea Pinks – Japanese Knotweed

Here’s Sea Pinks, which is the side project of Girls Names’ Neil Peel. They’re from Belfast, if you didn’t know that, and they’re signed to Captured Tracks, who’ve put out stuff by Blank Dogs, Woods, Thee Oh Sees, Beach Fossils, Dum Dum Girls, Ganglians, Christmas Island and Wavves. So, pedigree. Sea Pinks is presumably also from Belfast (deductive skills going wild there) and he wrote this incredible song, which is made up of three of what would constitute choruses for the average band. Here it is on a couch, along with another song.

If you don’t know about Music Hall, this is probably a good time to explain about Music Hall. It’s the house of Bobby Aherne, whose most famous exploit is the time he did a guest post here in 2008, but who also does No Monster Club and plays sweeper in Grand Pocket Orchestra. And also Daniel Martin lives there too, and others. They film stuff in their house. Episode 1 was Big Monster Love. Episode 2 was Grand Pocket Orchestra themselves. Episode 3 was [redacted]. Suck it up, Episode 3, the world wants to see you. Episode 4 is Sea Pinks. A common theme with these is that people tend to be pretty drunk when they get convinced to do it.

It’s called Music Hall because the apartment block is called Music Hall, not for some pretentious reason. Because fuck pretentiousness obviously.

Girls Names – Falling (Twin Peaks Theme)

Here’s Girls Names themselves covering the theme from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti. Is it compulsory to be into David Lynch if you put that much reverb and store in woozy nostalgia into your music? I’m gonna guess Lo-Fi Friday #1 would say yes. This is good though. RCRDLBL mentioned the “queasy reverence here which throws them in with a Rest Of World lo-fi lot in thrall to David Lynch’s masterpiece series.” Maybe they’re right. I like the idea of an America-Rest Of World dualism in lo-fi as well, as if David Lynch and all the music Irish lo-fi listens to outside its own scene wasn’t American in the first place.


One response to “Lo-Fi Friday #2: Cloud Nothings, Sea Pinks, Girls Names

  1. I’m really enjoying these two weekly themed things.You may like Smith Westerens and Pill Wonder for this.

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