Nialler9 End of Year Poll

Nialler9’s Album/Song of the Year Poll

Nialler9 has opened the polls for his annual poll. He is correct in saying that this is the best year for Irish music since he started the blog, but he neglects to mention that it’s also the best year for Irish music since EVER. The Choice being unsure exactly what it is and, to my tastes, hampered by conservatism, this is the canonic thing to win if you’re an Irish artist putting out an album. Even though it doesn’t make you any money or even guarantee you a Choice nomination, in the case of Patrick Kelleher last year.

So, poll endorsed. Also getting weighty endorsement from this blog (to counteract the subtle mentions of bands by Nialler which will doubtless be used to fill up the lower rungs of lists by people who are forgetful) are the following:

Adebisi Shank, Children Under Hoof, Enemies, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Hipster Youth, Jogging, Meljoann, No Monster Club, Not Squares, Nouveaunoise, Porn On Vinyl. Squarehead, So Cow, Tieranniesaur, Villagers.

There’s loads of other deadly stuff too though. Vote!


3 responses to “Nialler9 End of Year Poll

  1. yeah the choice is not clued in enough. The omission of patrick kelleher last year and abadeshi shank the year before made me lose interest in it. I’m sure the choice will be filled up this year with imelda may, o emperor, villagers, the script……oh yeah and julie feeney, they seem to include her every year.

  2. everytime the english columnist Charlie Brooker listens to The Beatle’s Eleanor Rigby he can’t help replacing the words Eleanor Rigby with ‘Robert Mugabe’ in his mind. Oh, and for Kenny Roger’s and Dolly Parton’s Islands in the Stream it’s ‘Ireland’s Industry’….
    now for bit actually associated with this post. Yes Niall’s list is always super relevant and worth voting for.

  3. Never gonna be able to not notice that now.

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