Cock and Bull TV is one of those good ideas. They are an online music show, is the crux of it, but the shows consist of live recordings and interviews with the bands therein, and to make that happen, they put on free gigs in Shebeen. If you can’t guess my attitude to free gigs, click ‘June’ in the sidebar there, and then ‘July’ and ‘August’.

I’ve watched some of the videos from the older ones. Wounds is good.

Squarehead is too.

Now, the interviews are obviously more RTE teen presenter than ultimate exposition of authorial intentions or anything. But still.

So episode 4 was being filmed in Shebeen, with Sacred Animals, Tieranniesaur and Girls Names.

Sacred Animals were first, fresh from the whole ‘one of the most blogged-about bands in the world’ thing, which seems like an anomaly that might keep popping up, given that Adebisi Shank had the same honour when Nialler included them on the MAP thing. Always dangerous being the favourite.

The confusing thing with Sacred Animals for me is that they’re patently good. There’s a purity to the sound, and it sounds tight and talented as you could hope for. And it’s even pretty original, though Radiohead is a comparison it’s probably impossible to shake without going death metal. But it doesn’t grab me. The melodies just don’t seem to resolve into anything memorable, and the songs don’t really go anywhere. It’s frustrating, because if they did, they’d instantly be a good band. Everything else in place. But instead, it just feels like waiting through elegant-sounding music. Maybe on another night, in another mood.

Tieranniesaur, on the other hand, isn’t elegant sounding at all. With a comedic short-people-in-front, tall-people-at-the-back arrangement on stage, they make surprisingly meaty music for a Popical Island supergroup of sorts. The lyrics might be twee every now and then, but the musical touchstones aren’t twee at all – Jackson Five, AC/DC and Cassandra’s band from Wayne’s World, from where I was standing. They’re lots of fun, and in a different scenario (without cameras and the not-quite-into-it-enough Girls Names/Sacred Animals/Cock and Bull crowd), there would have been every danger of a dance party breaking out. As expected, Sketch from Popical Island #1 was the most fun, with something approaching gang vocals for the word ‘bollocks’, but there isn’t a song without a hook, and it is worth a note in my head anyway that ‘shambly’ isn’t a word that could apply to them at all.

Then it was 11.15pm and I had to leave for the bus. Girls Names, some day.



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