Third birthday.

September 30th 2007, the first post ever made on this blog went up. It was gaudy blogspot, and I hadn’t even started writing in any serious capacity for anyone yet, so I literally had no idea what I was doing. After that, I vaguely figured out what I was doing, a couple of people started to read it, I started to read lots of other blogs, I got writing for various people, I started doing interviews, I stopped doing interviews for a while cos they were getting repetitive, someone interviewed me for a master’s thesis, and now I’m here.

There is no better reason to start a music blog than to organise the thoughts that come into and then fly out of your head on the bus home after gigs.

So that is my mission statement.

And I’m starting with the most notable extravaganza this weekend (no disrespect to other extravaganzas), Hard Working Class Heroes. Not only is HWCH a chance to see good bands from both home and away play relatively close together long after the festival tents have been sent to storage, it is also an opportunity to pretend we have all been supporting the scene all along.

So I will admit to begin with that the ratio of Irish bands:touring bands that I’ve seen in the last year has been fairly woeful. My quota of Irish indie has mostly derived from in-stores, support slots and MySpace and I think it’s because while I would love to spend twelve euro to see Ham Sandwich play Whelans, it strikes me as more urgent to spend the twelve euro on Andrew Bird or Animal Collective because they don’t live here and I’d feel more like I was missing out.

The exception are The Immediate, whom we still mourn in these parts, but that’s another story.

So I’m a shit. But anyway, that’s partly why I popped by. I got my mind open for some new music, and got my singing voice and pointing finger out for moral support for the few bands I do follow. It’s only 2/3 done as I write this but I’m having fun. I’d recommend it. Here are some reviews.

Obviously nowadays my ratio of Irish bands:touring bands is way above 1:1. And I still mourn the passing of the Immediate. I don’t point my finger though, any more. But the mission statement remains the same, which is potentially why the amount of readers plummets every time I stop actually posting real content and just muse about stuff for a significant period. But if you were never on, you can’t fall off, so fuck it.

Those Geese isn’t a venerable five like MP3Hugger is today, but I might fall into the Liffey before I get that far so I thought I might as well post this now. Thanks for the 95,000+ clicks, and to any bands who answered questions or played gigs I was at, and also obviously thanks to Fight Like Apes for the name and the excellent gig that started the whole thing.

Fight Like Apes – Jake Summers (EP versh)

Hangin' out with modernist art. Credit to Seán Keenan for the mp3 of JS on short notice.


2 responses to “Third birthday.

  1. Happy birthday Karl. I already said happy birthday to you in July but you deserve two anyway.

  2. Happy Birthday Karl. This blog has been a great friend of mine for three years, as have you. Long may geese continue to get stupefied.

    I’m 3 and a half BTW.

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