Taking the essence and turning it all the way up: Double Dagger pt. 2

This is the Double Dagger thing, continued from yesterday. It’s the good bit.

The only other Baltimore band I’ve ever interviewed was Beach House, and they didn’t like this question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Do you have a favourite Wire character?

D: They don’t like the Wire I guess?

Well Alex doesn’t watch it, and Victoria’s favourite character was Snoop, but also she wasn’t that into it.

N: I don’t have a favourite character because I haven’t seen the entire series, so I don’t feel qualified to make a statement here.
B: That’s a tough one. Lester Freamon’s pretty good. But also, Clay Davis.
D: Yeah, I was gonna say Clay Davis is good.
B: Sheeeeeeeeeeee-it.
N: Our tour manager loves to say sheeeeeeee-it.
D: I think I actually might have… I like DeAngelo Barksdale in the first season, he was good. Plus he went to Baltimore School for the Arts.
N: Local boy made good.
B: Omar is…
D: Yeah, Omar’s definitely good. You can just put that we really like the Wire. We enjoy it.

It felt when I asked Beach House almost like it was just a stereotypical thing about Baltimore, like something I knew about Baltimore that I was just throwing out for no reason.

D: People get annoyed at that, but I think it’s cool. I grew up there, so I think the depiction is pretty accurate. Obviously there’s a lot of drama inserted into the whole street-life thing, but as far as the political stuff goes, it’s pretty accurate. It’s interesting to see other people have a commentary on it, that normally wouldn’t give a shit about a small city’s problems.

Do you think it would be good if they did a sixth season about the Baltimore music scene?

[All}: Nooooooo!

N: No, because the only crime would just be people spending their parents’ money on cocaine, and that would be boring.
B: Coke’s not really that big in Baltimore.
N: Ehhhh…
B: What would you know, you don’t go out. You don’t know that.
D: It’s as big as any other city. We don’t do coke. You’ve got this interview turning on to coke now.
N: He brought up The Wire…
D: Here’s the problem that there would be with a sixth season about the Baltimore music scene. You know how they changed the names of all the politicians so O’Malley was Carcetti and things like that? You’d have to change the names of all the musicians, you’d just have some real goofy things that don’t make much sense.
N: Sam Seacon?
B: Ben Beaker.
D: Ben Beaker on the Round Ribbon tour.

What would also be good about the season is that it could build up to, I saw on a live set you threw drums…

D: Oh, that’s from Whartscape from last year. Because the year before that I threw a rack tom into the audience.
N: By accident.

How do you throw a rack tom into the audience by accident?

D: Well, here’s the thing: it wasn’t on accident.
N: It was an accident that it injured two people.
D: No! Injured, loosely.
B: One kid had to go to the hospital.
D: Cos he had dreads and they weren’t sure how badly he was cut.
N: You’re just trying to make it sound tougher.
D: Well like, I threw it out there. If someone was in the right place they could’ve really injured themselves.
B: THEY could have injured themselves?
D: They should be watching. If they’re gonna come to a show and just stand around and not get hit by drums?
N: And smoke cigarettes and talk to people?
D: Yeah. So at the next year’s Whartscape, Dan made a rule that said no throwing drums into the audience. Our last day of our US tour last year was Whartscape, we were saying we should poke fun at Dan and just buy a bunch of inflatable drums and throw them into the crowd. I was freaking Dan out beforehand, saying “oh, we got a surprise for this show” and he was like “don’t you fuck with me!” And then he started pouring water down the back of my pants while I was playing, i think he was a little annoyed. I was like “how did you like that?” and he said “I thought it was going to be something dangerous, but it was just a dickhead surprise.”

So you get on okay with Wham City?

N: Yeah
D: I also play in Dan’s ensemble and stuff, so I kinda have to.

It’d be kind of awkward if you didn’t.

D: Yeah, they’re good people.
N: Just touching on that thing that you said, I think that something that a couple of people from Baltimore have noted is that Double Dagger is the only band that the people that come to see us play, there are kids from the hardcore scene, the indie rock scene, the Wham City thing.
B: Just from all over.
N: That’s one thing that we really like. That we can’t be…
B: Yeah, that we can’t pigeonholed as only one type of band.
D: Yeah, we’ll play Wham City shows, or someone that books hardcore shows will ask us to play. We’re indiscriminate.

Is the Wham City franticness an influence at all?

B: We’ve been around since before…
D: Yeah, not directly. We’re definitely into doing different kinds of show, with multiple stages or the Round Robin, it’s something that we wouldn’t have done before they came to Baltimore and started doing things.

Okay, so just to ask, what are you listening to right now?

B: We just played six shows with this London band called Friendship, they were pretty awesome.
D: Yeah, those guys rule.
B: I’ve been listening a lot to the new Future Islands record, it’s really good.
N: I’ve mainly been listening to hardcore and metal and that stuff. Which is stuff I haven’t really listened to for a couple of years, but I’ve just recently gotten back into it.
D: Yeah… I listened to, recently… the first US Maple record a lot, some Three 6 Mafia…. some Devo. And Karp. But that’s usually generally what I listen to anyway.

Okay, that’s basically all I’ve got. Full disclosure at this point, I actually hadn’t heard of you until I got an email to do this last night.

D: You bluffed it pretty well man.

I spent the whole day listening to you and I’m really excited about seeing you play.

D: Cool.
B: Thanks man. And…wear ear plugs.
D: Yeah, if you have ear plugs, you should probably wear them.
N: Or don’t, you know. I won’t be.
B: We will though.
D: I hear it gets pretty loud up here actually.
B: That’s one thing that worries me, like, how much of our set can people take, volume-wise.


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