Analogue Hour: All The Hits Edition

an original @fihyde meme

So Bren had a chest infection last week and I rolled in to present the Analogue Hour. It’s probably my favourite one I’ve ever done, both because it was weirdly fun to do it in my ancestral bedroom in Blanchardstown for the first time, and because it is verifiably WALL TO WALL HITS.

Jay-Z, UGK – Big Pimpin’
Adebisi Shank – International Dreamboat
Best Coast – Goodbye
Wavves – Linus Spacehead
The Kinks – Phenomenal Cat
Villagers – Becoming A Jackal
Caribou – Sun
Liquid Liquid – Cavern
Hunter-Gathererer – Left For Dead
Of Montreal – Enemy Gene
The XX – VCR
Twin Sister – MIlk and Honey
LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge


4 responses to “Analogue Hour: All The Hits Edition

  1. this is a fine old analogue hour Karl. I listened to it on the 109 to Dublin (my ultimate test of a podcast’s worth).

  2. International Dreamboat?!?!?!

  3. Shit, I’ve been calling it that for weeks. Literally since it went up on Nialler’s thing. Need to learn to read better.

    (thx Darragh)

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