Here are some facts about Avi Buffalo:

BKV once again responsible for this.

– He was playing at South Street Seaport, as good bands tend to.
– He looks about 16 (he is 19 according to research)
– His band have the exact same cast as a secondary school band. Serious guitar-holding demeanour, unhip clothes, knotted hair. Probably a weed pipe hidden in a sock drawer somewhere and a Led Zeppelin poster on a wall too.
– He is nevertheless an excellent guitar player in the old mould, not afraid to play solos, to bring in melodies other than the main one with his guitar while he sings.
– His songs are psychedelic and rangey, but more in a secondhand record store Deleted 60s Vinyl section way than a Built To Spill or Yo La Tengo kind of way.
– He has a couple of choruses too.

That’s all for this one, I’m trying to get closer to Real Life Now before I go see four more shows.



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