A mixtape for Quarterinch – Those Geese’s Day Off

Quarterinch's art for the "tape".

So Quarterinch Collective is a small record label in Dublin, and it gets people to make up mixtapes sometimes. Many of them are pretty good. Like for example this one called Fuck Everything by Mark O’Connor.

I made one on a day off, with music I thought was day off-y music, even though every day is a day off apart from the arduous work of going to West 4th Street on the C to get 99c pizza and complaining about how I have nothing to do. Here it is.

J Dilla feat. Common – E = MC2 (The Shining, 2006)
The Morning Benders – Promises (Big Echo, 2010)
No Monster Club – A Morbid Fascination (Tropical Decibels Volume 2, 2010)
Why? – The Fall Of Mr. Fifths (Alopecia, 2008)
Lorem Ipsum – Second Order Vanity (n/a, 2010)
Ugly Megan – Bobby Orlandisco (Three Whole Funs EP, 2007)
William Shatner feat. Joe Jackson – Common People (Has Been, 2004)
Gorillaz feat. Bashy, Kano and the National Orchestra for Arabic Music – White Flag (Plastic Beach. 20100
Holy Fuck – Royal Gregory (LP. 2008)
Minutemen – #1 Hit Song (Double Nickels On The Dime, 1984)
America del Sur – I Don’t Know You And We’re Not Even Friends (s/t, 2008)
Roots Manuva – Man Fi Cool (Dub Come Save Me, 2002)


3 responses to “A mixtape for Quarterinch – Those Geese’s Day Off

  1. i have a day off tomorrow, i might listen to this

  2. great looking mix – it’s currently chugging in small bits and bytes onto my laptop for aural consumption. Thanks!

  3. Nice mix, even though I also used NMC – A Morbid Fascination in mine, prior to yours being posted, oh well.

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