So Cow compendium

Falling behind. So far behind. Still to come before the blog is back up to date: Caribou on Governor’s Island, Siren Festival (featuring the Pains, Holy Fuck, Surfy Bloods, Ponytail and some anecdotes), The Antlers in Hudson River Park (not a real park) and Best Coast at the Seaport, plus a comprehensive ranking of the colas available in New York City, and a link to a new mixtape for Quarterinch Collective.

This post, however, is technically a So Cow review from their show at South Street Seaport. I think if I reviewed So Cow any more than I’ve already reviewed So Cow, the universe’s fuse would blow, so I’ll just leave some information here for those American Googlists and link-followers who’ve been showing up every now and then trying to find out more about Ireland’s greatest living distortion pedal solo-doer/mild humourist.

Free Music
So Cow has the following albums: Meaningless Friendly (2010), So Cow LP (US compilation, 2009), I’m Siding With My Captors (2008), These Truly Are End Times (2007). But on top of this he has some free stuff. Here it is.

So Cow – Tuam The Album
So Cow – Second Covers EP
So Cow – First Covers EP
A mixture of stuff from WFMU’s Free Music Archive

Album Reviews
These Truly Are End Times (22nd best of 2007)
I’m Siding With My Captors (7th best of 2008)
Wackity Schmackity Doo (best homemade stapled-together CD-R of 2008, guest-reviewed by Bobby)

Misc. stuff
Interview with Brian So Cow
Mini-documentary/performance video type thing by Analogue
The time it was exciting that Pitchfork reviewed the compilation LP
The time Korea got excited about So Cow’s song about Moon Geun Young.
For live reviews, follow the tags.


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