So Cow in Tuam

Guess what just surfaced?

Yup, it’s So Cow’s concept album about Tuam, recorded some time last year. Not being from Tuam is a disadvantage when listening to this, but James Joyce is big in Iran, so give it a shot. You might recognise Girl Racer as an early version of the track of the same name that appears on Meaningless Friendly.


1. (I Wanna Go To The) Sugar Factory
2. Girl Racer
3. I Wanna Burn Down Pearse Stadium
4. Do You Remember DH Burkes
5. Byrne’s
6. Palace Grounds (Shut Them Down!)
7. T.U.A.M.
8. Two Cathedrals

Check out So Cow in a shed and in a sitting room doing covers, or this interview, while you’re about.


3 responses to “So Cow in Tuam

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