TDOM error explanation post.

So the more astute amongst you might have noticed that I forgot to post Day 29 before Day 30 and now I look like an idiot. It’s what it looks like. I am an idiot.

Posting mp3s was fun and I can’t remember if it’s going to be illegal if/when the IMRO thing extends beyond the main dudes. So Hype Machine readers who ghosted in ghostily, I hope you enjoyed. Everyone else too.

As of tomorrow I’m gonna get back to posting interviews and live reviews and that kind of thing, but because the TDOM was obviously based mostly on nostalgic recollection it didn’t give me a chance to post what I’m listening to now, so here’s what that is.

Fugazi – Waiting Room

Drive Like Jehu – O Pencil Sharp

Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

Hope nobody’s Heine’ is crowding your iceboxes.


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