TDOM Day 26: A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument

Beach House – Zebra

A couple of weeks ago my dad discovered how to use YouTube to the extent that he found a Dublin Duck Dispensary live video. He was not impressed. He said it sounded like “noise, with a keyboard player who had no idea how to play the keyboard.” I was the keyboard player, and he obviously knew this well from the video, being my father. I took solace in the fact that he was never going to be the target audience. But is my heart not badly shaken?

Like Ian MacKaye in the sole copy of Punk Planet I ever bought, I don’t play that much unless I’m in a band at a given time, and I almost never actually sit down to try and learn stuff, but in the wake of the Teen Dream off-to-the-races-in-AOTY-2010 hype cycle I learned to play Zebra, because it’s a nice song and easy enough to play. If you’ve been to my flat in the last 3 months I’ve probably been picking this while you were talking about some shite.


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