TDOM Day 02: Your Least Favourite Song

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark

This song makes me feel uncomfortable. Everything about it, from top to toe, is disgusting. That sickly, Twin Peaks-y keyboard wobble that sits there over the entire track. That horrible 80s snare – Fatboy Slim I think once said that hell was a snare drum being soundchecked for all eternity, and this is the snare.

And then Bruce Springsteen, who is the worst person ever, growling about dancing and somehow managing to avoid being considered laughably homoerotic. AND THEN THE FUCKING SAXOPHONE SOLO.

This is my least favourite song. Definitely.


11 responses to “TDOM Day 02: Your Least Favourite Song

  1. If my father reads blogs, and I hope he does, he has just made a new enemy.

  2. I like the way Fatboy Slim is referenced like he’s some intellectual, especially when my mental image of him is always this –

    I agree about Bruce Springsteen though. Although I did learn the other day that he frequently closes his shows with a Suicide song. That’s pretty cool.

  3. I make no claims about Fatboy Slim in general, but his wisdom is wisdom nonetheless.

  4. I thought it was impossible for a sane person to hear this song and NOT break into spontaneous dance. If I’d been in the front row of the video shoot instead of Courtney Cox I’d now be the superstar; I can click my fingers with the best of them.

    My favourite Bruce song. And Springsteen > Suicide, but that goes without saying.

  5. I’m having difficulty trying to get my head around the idea of what one “least favourite song” is – is it a song you still like, but by the smallest margin, or is it the worst song out of all the ones you know?

    Either way, I think I’d have to go for Dee Dee King (Ramone), ‘Mashed Potato Time’ (feat. Debbie Harry).

    Also, Springsteen is the “worst person ever” and he wrote Nebraska?

  6. I didn’t know what it meant either, but when I asked myself for an answer, this stood out by a mile.

  7. Is it a good thing that my (terribly inactive) blog has been put in the same blogroll as Hipster Runoff? What are the criteria fro such a move? I’m happy though – that much must be stated.

  8. no way theres a lot worse than brucie surely…have you heard avril lavinge covering coldplay?

  9. This is far from the worst song ever, or even the worst song in the Springsteen archive.

    It’s actually a bit of an anti-pop pop song if you listen to the words. Springsteen probably hates this song nearly as much as you do.

    On Fatboy Slim and the snare…the snare drum is awesome and is used by Fatboy Slim in some of his music (most recently in an album with David Byrne). I think the “soundchecking to eternity” is the focus of the hell part.

    Also, I would ask Fatboy Slim his thoughts on Springsteen. I bet he loves Bruce.

  10. I don’t buy that anti-pop pop song thing. Everything about Springsteen is constructed and artificial anyway so whether he’s clicking his fingers to this or gurning about manual labour it’s all the same to me.

    It might not be the worst song ever empirically speaking, but it’s definitely my least favourite.

  11. “whether he’s clicking his fingers to this or gurning about manual labour it’s all the same to me”

    Aww Karl, that’s a critical quote for the ages.

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