TDOM Day 01: Your Favourite Song

Sunset Rubdown – You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)
(Dragonslayer, 2009)

It almost seems unfair to start this thirty days of music thing with something as patently unanswerable as “your favourite song”. I stopped even asking my head for a straight answer on this topic in about 2002. But for the sake of the game, this is my offering.

It starts slowly, almost liked a Final Fantasy/Dodos-style loop build-up, with Spencer Krug clacking a guitar instead of (presumably) half-crouching with intent over a keyboard. Lyrically, it’s a sequel (to Trumpet Trumpet, Toot Toot! from Random Spirit Lover), but somehow in this setting it’s the most poetic the sometimes painfully poetic Krug has ever gotten thus far.

Like the few great monolithic Sunset Rubdown songs, there is always another gear to this song. Every new section ramps it up, not necessarily harder, but more intense, more present. From nothing at the start, to the halfway point, cut with a widdling guitar, by all rights it should climax at 3.45 with the thesis of the song – “you’ve got to wait” – but it keeps going. The outro shows that Dragonslayer Sunset Rubdown are more on it as a rock band than even Wolf Parade have ever been, and when it eventually shuts off after five and a half minutes, I’m a little taken aback every time, even still.


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