Spending tea-time with Fran Drescher.

Been nearly a year since I’ve posted anything about blog name progenitors Fight Like Apes so I’ll break the “don’t post stuff that could go on Twitter” guideline and throw this up.

It’s Knucklehead, the song that stood beside Something Global being better as the B-side of the single released in the Week of the Unnecessary Fight Like Apes-related Spazz Fit right before the album came out in 2008. It’s probably my favourite Fight Like Apes song, and the video has a choir of rock monsters, so get to it.


One response to “Spending tea-time with Fran Drescher.

  1. I was going to post this up myself since seeing it on your Twitter, and thus contribute in whatever small way towards it going “viral”, but… seeing Lego figures with changing facial expressions is just too creepy, I can’t process it properly.

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