Interview Project is coming back

In the long, long ago (before the Great List Age of late 2009/early 2010, in which many fine bloggers fell), there used to be regular interviews with Irish bands here. The criteria were loose. It was initially going to be “Dublin music”, but that would’ve excluded people like So Cow and Not Squares. In the MySpace messages and/or emails I sent to bands trying to get them to basically sign up to do extra homework I usually called it “Irish bands I think are good”. And they were questions I wanted to know the answers to, personally.

So it’s a little self-serving. But at the same time I think it did something valuable. Some of the bands are well used to press and playing to crowds, but others might not have ever done an interview before, and might not have done one since for all I know. I wanted to put the ALT headliners on the same pegging as the recluses, connected only because they’ve played in Dublin, are Irish and I like them.

And it also created a sort of well in which it’s possible to pick out trends, in terms of what bands think about the world in which they’re making music, and about the way they’re going about what they do.

Interviews will start up again as soon as I start getting replies. Some are bands that didn’t exist on a superterranean level last October. Some did, but I never got around to asking them to do it. Conceivably, some will be bands who are just very, very, very late in replying.

But before that, I thought it could be worthwhile to think about what was gained from doing it the first time round. The next couple of posts will be compilations of soundbites.


One response to “Interview Project is coming back

  1. Great news, always enjoyed these posts, they’ve been one step ahead of other music sources. Your first better be Crystal Seesaw.

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