Cruft post featuring Sleater-Kinney

Ayo, blog world. When you sign up to write a blog there’s a contract that says every time you don’t post for a while you have to write a post saying “I’m sorry for not posting” rather than coming up with a post with actual content in it. This is mine.

I’m sorry for not posting for a while. The unfortunate reality of my circumstances is that I have less money to go to every gig that’s on nowadays than I did last year. I say “unfortunate reality” as if I got laid off or something, but I’m just living in college and spending money on Eurosaver early in the week instead. I did go to Joker in Twisted Pepper on Friday, but I started doing a post about that and I got to the line “I found you could either meaningfully roll like as if it was actual half-time dub, or do a weird shuffle thing like very unaggressive drum ‘n’ bass”. So I deleted the post, obviously.

I’d upload Analogue Hours to Soundcloud if it wasn’t for weird flash restrictions on the network here.

But luckily the world has organically given itself something to blog about today, so for International Women’s Day, here’s Sleater-Kinney being deadly. Stop being a dick, society. Stop creating conditions where feminism is stigmatic, or where it’s somehow good to qualify by saying you’re a “feminist with a small f” as I saw on a documentary recently. Live by your private opinions. Start by throwing rocks at shops that hold point-free hottest ass contests maybe. For actual considered thought, try Nay.


One response to “Cruft post featuring Sleater-Kinney

  1. Sleater-Kinney: perfect way to mark IWD!
    Cheers dude, I won’t forget you on 19 November 🙂

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