Mixes by people for wolves.

Here’s a thing that started happening recently. Skinny Wolves are as close to true tastemakers as Dublin’s fair city has got, at least in their ability to make their crowd go out and listen to a band just because they’ve been booked, rather than the reverse. They’ve been soliciting mixes from people for a while.

There’ve been four so far, which you find on Soundcloud, with such eminent artists as School Tour, Logikparty and Crayonsmith.

The most recent one is from Niamh Angkorwat, with all kinds of stuff like Cocteau Twins, Homosexuals, Stevie Moore and Igor Stravinsky. Well worth a listen while you refresh Twitter over and over again, or whatever it is normal people do with their time.

I observe that, of the five blurbs for Angkorwat under that mix, four are by former Analogue writers, and the last one says “vaguely nauseating”. That’s raw data, put whatever meaning on it you wish.

Angkorwat was the second interview in the Interview Project.

Skinny Wolves are bringing Xiu Xiu over to play Whelans on Friday, by the way. Angkorwat and Crayonsmith are both supporting. Definitely go.


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