Dunno what the hell to do!

This is the front and back cover of Meaningless Friendly by So Cow, which comes out in two weeks in time for SXSW for some reason.

So Cow, featuring Mk. III line-up of Brian, Jonny and Gareth Averill (alias Great Lakes Mystery) on drums, are currently in New York, as far as I can tell. Last night they played a gig in a bowling alley or something. Catch them in an American town near you, if there are any American towns near you.

Coming soon: Q Magazine-style consideration of the album, track for track.


5 responses to “Dunno what the hell to do!

  1. I am very happy.
    The cover looks great.

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  3. A couple of songs appear on this brand spanking new bootleg of a recent New York show; http://www.nyctaper.com/?p=2442

  4. i spent an entire morning eating minstrels with my mate and discussing the ins and outs of this cover. wow.

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