The Analogue Hour

As of 2010, I’m presenting the Analogue Hour on 2XM, alternating weeks with Bren. You can listen on Wednesdays at 7pm or Sunday at noon (but not both, because it’s the same show both times) on a DAB radio if you have one, or online on RTÉ’s website. The shows generally consist of some vague enthusiastic rambles of the sort you might read here, except interspersed with lots of ehhhs and short gaps while I try to remember why I was trying to say. In fact, it’s exactly like the podcasts I did for a while and then kind of silently gave up on. There’s also music. Here are the playlists of the ones that have gone out.

Analogue Hour 55:

  • Karen O and the Kids – Rumpus(Where The Whild Things Are OST, 2009)
  • Bear In Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers (Beast Rest Forth Mouth, 2009)
  • Christmas Island – Black Cloud (Blackout Summer, 2009)
  • Clues – Ledmonton (Clues, 2009)
  • Burywood – Northward (There Exists An Abstraction Ladder, 2009)
  • Of Montreal – Nonpareil of Favor (Skeletal Lamping, 2008)
  • Wavves – No Hope Kids (Wavvves, 2009)
  • Beach House – Norway (Teen Dream, 2010)
  • Kings of Convenience – Boat Behind (Declaration of Dependence, 2009)
  • Animal Collective – What I Would Want Sky (Fall Be Kind EP, 2009)
  • America del Sur – I Don’t Know You And We’re Not Even Friends (America del Sur, 2008)
  • Minutemen – #1 Hit Song (Double Nickels On The Dime, 1984)
  • Sunset Rubdown – You Go On Ahead (Dragonslayer, 2009)

    Analogue Hour 57:

  • Vampire Weekend – Cousins (Contra, 2010)
  • Surfer Blood – Swim (Astro Coast, 2010)
  • Funeral Suits – Acid Happy (Eye Spy, 2009)
  • Xiu Xiu – Gray Death (Dear God I Hate Myself, 2010)
  • Beach House – Take Care (Teen Dream, 2010)
  • Avey Tara and Panda Bear – April and the Phantom (Spirit They’ve Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished, 2000)
  • White Denim – Let’s Talk About It (Let’s Talk About It EP, 2007)
  • Best Coast – When I’m With You (Single, 2010)
  • Girls – Laura (Album, 2009)
  • Devo – Mongoloid (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, 1978)
  • So Cow – Runaway (So Cow In The Sitting Room EP, 2009)
  • Future of the Left – Chin Music (Travels With Myself And Another, 2009)
  • The Knife – Colouring of Pigeons (Tomorrow, In A Year, 2010)
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