So Cow In The Sitting Room

Eight months ago, So Cow made an excellent covers EP (in a shed) and put in online for free, showing an ear for a lesser-spotted tune and applying his own stylistic brush to what he came up with. Now, he’s done another one.

Here’s what’s on it:

1. queen of eyes (the soft boys)
from Underwater Moonlight, 1980, matador records.

2. lee remick (the go-betweens)
from ’78 til ’79 the lost album, 1999, jet set records.

3. runaway (del shannon)
from any number of compilations of the greatest songs of all time.

4. meet the beatle (tall dwarfs)
from the sky above the mud below, 2002, flying nun records

5. laundry service (local living guy)

6. manekin (amature amplifier)
from soo sung land, 2009,

7. jenny (i love jh)
from I Love JH, 2006, espousal records

8. animal song (shonen knife)
from burning farm, 1983, oglio Records

Click to download


Oh and also… first all-new So Cow studio album since 2008, Meaningless Friendly, is out in February 2010 on Tic Tac Totally.


One response to “So Cow In The Sitting Room

  1. I’ve been playing this on a loop since it went up. Queen of Eyes, Runaway and Meet The Beatle are stand outs, but the whole record is great.

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