AU’s Irish Albums of the Decade

As you may have seen on every other blog on the Irish internet, AU magazine are compiling a reader-voted list of the best albums to emerge from the smaller island of the Northeastern Atlantic Archipelago in the past ten years. Voting closes on Monday, but if you haven’t voted, you should.


  • AU stands from Alternative Ulster, which is a Belfast publication. Stop the list being Nordy-skewed by voting for your favourite artistes.
  • Every time you vote for someone other than Glen Hansard or Damien Rice, the country edges karmically closer to the end of the recession.
  • Represent the people who made the best albums but won’t be recognised as much as they should!

Those Geese Were Stupefied particularly recommends voting for So Cow’s I’m Siding With My Captors and These Truly Are End Times, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro’s Herring and the Brine, Patrick Kelleher’s You Look Cold and, despite its still stickly Ashlee Simpson production values, Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion.

Send your list, whether it’s just one album or anything up to 20, to


4 responses to “AU’s Irish Albums of the Decade

  1. Have this in the bag, fuck yall.

  2. 1. Dublin Duck Dispensary – Luanqibazao
    2. So Cow – So Cow
    3. Si Schroeder – Coping Mechanisms
    4. Patrick Kelleher – You Look Cold
    5. Crayonsmith – White Wonder
    6. Adebisi Shank – This is the EP of A Band Called Adebisi Shank
    7. So Cow – These Truly Are End Times
    8. So Cow – I’m Siding with My Captors
    9. You Kiss By The Book – Neanderthals Going North
    10. A series of dark caves – streetlights
    11. Katie Kim – Twelve
    12. Neassa Therese Doherty – Between Aches

    Is what I sent. Probably missing out on a few but ah well.

  3. I didn’t vote for the So Cow LP! Just the other two! Foolishness on my part. Otherwise my list’s not all that different to yours, except I have Fight Like Apes and Hunter-Gatherer in and Crayonsmith and Si Schroeder in absentia.

  4. Not a big apes fan at all really. And considering HG isn’t released yet, I thought it unfair to put it in, although it is a very good album.

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