Interview Project #16: Funeral Suits


Funeral Suits are a three-piece, kind of like a power-trio, only not quite. Two EPs and a single into their career, they trade guitars, synths and lead vocal duties from song to song, chasing new rhythms, new sounds and new ideas from received indie rock to wherever they might end up. From their lair in a “disused office space” (take note, 10 Ways To Beat The Recession compilers), they’re in the process of building something truly interesting. And they don’t hold back on the live show either. There’ll be an album in the middle-distance future, but before then you could try catch them doing a late show in Whelans on the 13th November.

Funeral Suits – Acid Happy
Funeral Suits – Now We’re Moving Now We’re Free

Q 0.5 How are you?


Q1 Nowadays, when everybody has a decent computer and gear is more available, it’s much easier for anyone to make music and have it heard quickly – does the bedroom music explosion devalue music at all by making it so easy to do?

No, I don’t think so. There’s so much good music out there now and that’s really cool. You can reach out into nearly any style of music and find something that sounds good. There’s probably more good new bands around now than ever.

Q2 Is downloading a good thing? Does the fact that it’s possible to get so much music so easily and for free make it more disposable at all?

Yeah definitely, it becomes less precious. People will scroll through their mp3 player for ages and find it hard to pick what they want to play. If you had to pay for music you probably wouldn’t have as much choice probably cause you would have to budget and the music had would be way more precious and personal cause the deciding what album to buy really gets you thinking about what you want to be listening to.

Q3 Is there anything that makes your music quintessentially Irish? Is it intentional?

I don’t know. I guess by the virtue of the fact that we’re Irish our music must Irish on some basic level… We’ve all lived in Ireland our whole lives and that would have a big influence on us as people and that would follow on to our music. We grew up listening to alot of Irish bands as well as international bands.

Q4 Do you find it difficult to self-edit, or to take a step back from your music and look at it objectively?

No, I think we’re pretty OK at self-editing. Sometimes there are minor arguments but that’s all part of the writing process when everyone in the band has an equal input into what direction we go. We haven’t recorded an album yet and I think that when it comes to that we might like to work with a producer, but who knows.

Q5 Is there a Dublin scene, or even smaller genre-based scenes? Are you a part of one?

Dublin can be a pretty small place. Definitely we’re a part of some kind of a scene in Ireland with other new bands. It’s not really genre-based cause I think we all sound different but we all really like each other’s bands and either hang out or live together. I guess some of the bands that we feel a strong connection with would be Lost Chord, Disconnect 4, Heritage Centre, New Amusement, and Sickboy.

Q6 Name a non-musical influence on your music.

Books, film………… Brian would definitely say ‘Into the Wild’ the film. He’d want me too mention that!

Q7 Take one of your songs and explain the process of writing it from the beginning to the finished article.

I don’t really like tearing apart songs like that. One thing that I loved when I was a kid was the mystery in music. I like trying to get inside other musicians’ heads but I always found it boring when bands got really technical when talking about writing. All three of us work equally hard in writing and we love working on new songs most of all.

Q8 Has music criticism ever influenced your music, or at least made you think about it differently? I mean proper reviews, but also blogs or even just hearing someone you don’t know talk about you.

No. We write the music that we want to write. We wouldn’t play songs if we didn’t like them and we hope that other people like it too. I don’t think reviews and stuff like that should influence your writing if you’re happy with what your putting out…

Q9 Have you ever felt guilty for trying to get other people to take an interest in your music, if you aren’t making the effort with new music yourself?

I think we’re all pretty good when it comes to new music. We’re always showing each other new bands we like. We always make an effort to stay in touch with the bands that we meet and like too. I always want to stay in touch with new music as well as watching how a band progresses.

Q10 Would you call yourself a traditionalist with regard to music, either as a listener or in how you go about writing/recording/performing?

Nah I don’t think so. We don’t write to any particular formula and we always try and listen when people recommend bands to us.

Q 10.5 What’s something you’re listening to right now?

Julian Plenti is Skyscraper. It’s the lead singer from Interpol’s debut solo album.



9 responses to “Interview Project #16: Funeral Suits

  1. caught these guys supporting Ham Sandwich last night and was very impressed.

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