Give Rack and Ruin some money


Dublin Duck Dispensary.

Porn (On Vinyl).exe.

A Series of Dark Caves.

America del Sur/Picayunes.

Do you know these artistes? Of course you do. Their music comes to you free across the internet, along with the music of a shitload of other bands I don’t have blog links for. It comes from Rack & Ruin Records, the world’s best free net label.

They don’t ask you for money. They don’t want it. They don’t even take a cut of physical stuff you buy off people via their site. But they do have server costs, and they need paying. In what is only my second charitable contribution of all time, I gave 10 euro in a fit of gratitude for the stuff they introduced me to.

You should give them some change if you have any coppers in your PayPal.



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