Sic Alps


Okay, neglected this one.

Sic Alps in the Joinery with So Cow, Girls Names and No Monster Club. Another quick one for the records books:

No Monster Club started, being the next iteration of Dublin Duck Dispensary, whom I can now blog about because I’m no longer in them/it. Won’t say too much because of residual vested interest, but I thought it was good, new songs showing a subtly new, slightly more mature side. Less warm fuzz, but equally obscurant.

Girl’s Names are from Belfast and they represent a wing of this whole lo-fi thing that I never fully got behind, the Crystal Stilts/Crocodiles Faction, shall we say. 80s, reverby, trashy guitar music, but without even the occasional, cynicism-melting pop song Crocodiles boast. And they had the same, syncopated drum beat under every song. Not a fan.

So Cow is still So Cow. Notable things done: Tracy Ullman cover, new song.

Sic Alps were a little rangy for my tastes, but they were worth going to see once I think. They’re fuzzy, but they’re definitely not no-fork (sorry) in the way that lo-fi has been for the last year or two. It’s a more garagey, psychedelia-infused vibe, from guys who look like they’re generally too stoned to get their feet torn skateboarding when they could be playing garage rock. No major judgements either way, like I said, I enjoyed seeing them, but I haven’t been compelled to listen again.



4 responses to “Sic Alps

  1. Had to work last night but would have trekked to the Joinery for this just to see what the fuck Sic Alps would be like live. Sounds like they were exactly as I imagined them to be.

  2. That Girls Names drummer really has to learn how to not hit the bass drum over and over again.

  3. Who is in the No Monster Club live band then?
    I hope there’s a new So Cow album out this year.

  4. It’s just Bobby and an iPod. The rest of the band “died in a car crash,” much like the music.

    I hope he sees this.

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