She sees red at night.

By way of reviewing the HEALTH gig in the Village last week before it falls into the mists of the blurry past, here is the video for Die Slow.

For the public record:

  • Wounds were excellent. Don’t be surprised. They started to a fairly empty Village, but they were on the floor regardless, and generally conducted themselves with their usual intensity. It’s Wounds, come on.
  • Pictureplane by contrast made boring, non-catchy 90s dance music on a table with flashy lights under it. Being a hipster doesn’t necessarily make your music a clever iteration of something mainstream if it’s not good.
  • HEALTH were also excellent. Get Color is, on a good day, one of the best albums of the year and it formed the core of the set-list. BJ Miller, unfortunately mired in shadow at the back of the Village’s annoyingly large stage, proved himself as the world’s best provider of continent-sized drums once more. The best song on the night, as it is in many contexts including several potential “songs of the year” lists, was Die Slow. The video’s above, you may have noticed.



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