This is obligatory [via Brooklyn Vegan]:

According to reliable sources, it’s finally happening in 2010! There will be multiple, possibly four, nights of shows at NYC’s Central Park Summerstage in September of that year. That could be part of a tour. That could be the end of a tour, the middle of a tour, or even the beginning of a tour, but it seems reasonable to speculate that they might make their official comeback at Coachella in April

Relevant quotes from an interview from last year:

“I would just wanna play songs that people liked. And maybe in the encore throw in some obscurities. But if you’re really gonna do that, I say pull all the plugs out. Because you’re going to be playing at some festival with today’s chart-topper, or somebody with at least four hits. So you might as well go up against them playing big songs that people are gonna like, instead of mucking around with the B-sides. I just wouldn’t be indulgent if I was going to do something like that, or too indulgent.”


“I don’t really see it happening for Pavement any time soon. There’s gotta be somebody who doesn’t do it. Besides us, and The Smiths.”

Things change, maybe. If this is true, start doing some thinking, Morrissey. Holy fuck though, I’m excited. Even though this might never get to Europe.



4 responses to “PAVEMENT REUNION 2010

  1. Wonder how many alts will go and how many bros?

  2. Fuck EP10 Karl, we’re going to this.

  3. Make a new podcast you lazy bum.

  4. You’re out of the band.

    Real life money work and non-real life non-money writing work have taken up my podcasting time.

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