I went to Electric Picnic this weekend. It was a lot of fun. Feel like I got a satisfactory mix of going to see bands, going dancing, sitting in the campsite, sitting in a swamp, eating wild boar and lifting people up. Nice to meet you Cormac SEBP and anyone else I met in varying states of awareness – Belfast/Zimbabwe Irish language rapper, man who photographed Samuel Beckett, cousins, BP Fallon, etc.

Here’s what I saw:
Jeffrey Lewis
The xx
Roots Manuva
The Walkmen
2 Many DJs
Four Tet DJ set
Florence and the Machine
Flaming Lips
Beach House

Five highlights:
– The Rat, by the Walkmen. Like existential worry compressed from a stack of grass into a diamond. CERN should be researching the energy and tension coming off that song.
– Witness (One Hope) by Roots Manuva. Crowd undulating in a communal, meaningful-festival-experience kind of way to a massive bassline after an amusing stop-start “I thought you retired that song” charade.
– Diplo and 2 Many DJs both playing Bonkers and 2 Many DJs ending with Nirvana.
– Beach House, dreamily, at 3am on Sunday in the Body and Soul, fighting through what I’m pretty sure will some day be diagnosed as diabetes and half-sleep and the ends of being very drunk.
– Shot by Both Sides by Magazine. They’re old now and John McGeogh is dead, and Devoto looks gremliny with bald head and fitted shirt and self-important song introductions. But it’s Magazine.


4 responses to “Up?

  1. AstonishingSodApe

    Where were you at Beach House? We were up the front. Uncredible gig. Talked to them afterwards, super nice. Then I went for a stroll and vomited. High five!

  2. Nice. Didn’t bump into loads of people all weekend, were you all just at the forest rave for three straight days? I was at the back at Beach House, sitting on a mudfest. Worth it though.

  3. a mate of mine said he was in floods of tears during the flaming lips and when he looked aorund, a lot of the people around him were too!

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