Against the odds, Korea takes notice of So Cow


There were stories about this late last week, but they were in Korean, so the general consensus was “????”, but you can now read the news in English here.

Moon Geun Young, as well as being a song on These Truly Are End Times and then the So Cow LP, is “Korea’s little sister”, a film actress, TV star, advertising pitchwoman and (I think) singer who is an all-round hyper-famous person in that part of the world. And Korea seems to think, erroneously, that So Cow’s song is a statement of devotion, proving that’s Korea’s sister has broad international appeal. The song is actually about Moon Geun Young passively overseeing a break-up from a billboard ad for an mp3 player. But don’t tell Korea that, because this could be interesting to follow.

“Moon Geun Young hasn’t heard the song yet but she has said that she wants to buy the song to listen to it as soon as possible.”


6 responses to “Against the odds, Korea takes notice of So Cow

  1. This made me laugh for about six minutes. It’s also deadly!

  2. ha! the comments are great too, lots of “random LOL”… wonder what Ireland’s teenagers would think of So Cow?

    important information: ” Moon Geun Young was the only reason why I watched Autumn Tale and her acting is way better than the overrated acting of Song Hye Kyo who is only known for her looks, but sucks in acting.”

    and that’s my picture of the LP in the article, too – they seem to really like the song titles (though, who wouldn’t?)

  3. My favourite comments were the few Irish people who’d wade in and be like “Brian Kelly sucks”.

    I can’t wait to hear what Moon Geun Young has to say about it though.

  4. Karl, think the person who said “Brian Kelly sucks” may be a Korean living here.

    It is a hilarious thread though. My mate who lived in Korea said that culturally they are obsessed with how they are viewed abroad. Basically, even the tiniest reference to their culture in the international media is dissected like Brian’s song was. Like yourself Karl, I can’t wait to see how this develops – like if and when the actress listens to the song. It’s fascinating stuff.

  5. where can i heat this song.i’m very curious about what the song sounded like…

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