We jam econo


As a rule I don’t do news posts here, but up until recently I didn’t do podcasts, interviews or pointless lists of books either, so fuck it.

The above is a picture of the space Dylan Haskins from Hideaway House/Hideaway Records/Basta/being DIY has managed to rent for all-ages shows in Dublin city centre. It’s located on Exchange Street, which is just past the Turk’s Head veering right if you’re walking from the direction of Temple Bar square. Thanks to the magic of Google Maps, here’s a map (click “Zoom here” for a better view):

The Joinery in Stoneybatter is doing something similar, but it’s in Stoneybatter. The Box Social is fantastic, but it’s on the South Circular Road. It doesn’t get much more central than this. Drawbacks: being avowedly all-ages could mean no BYOB, or B of any sort, maybe. Also it looks like there’ll be a 10pm curfew.

But still, pending people making it their own and putting stuff on, this as-yet-nameless (“The Exchange” is favourite) space could genuinely turn into a hub for interesting gigs/art shows/whatever at low cost and with great accessibility, both in terms of where it is and who’s allowed go.

Just don’t fucking wreck it, Dublin. This is a test. Are we allowed have nice things where nobody’s being paid to clean up after us? Let’s hope so.


6 responses to “We jam econo

  1. they should call it ‘kids exchange’!
    but i think http://www.kidsexchange.com is already taken.

  2. Kudos to Dylan for setting this up, I really hope it works out.

  3. kidsexchange could be a good one.

    The S Exchange has also been mooted.

  4. Kidsexchange is awful. Look at the word…kid.sex.change.? I think keep it simple with Exchange.

  5. Nah, kidsexchange is so much more inspirational and descriptive.

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