An Interview Project


I’m about to try something.

I’ve sent a set of questions to some Dublin bands who I think are making interesting music at the moment. Every band gets the same set of questions. Some of the questions are fairly obvious and specific, but others are open to interpretation, and that’s part of the fun.

Most of the questions stem from concepts I’ve had lodged in my head for a while, and questions I ask myself when I’m listening to music, but I don’t want to get deep into the theory of it until I get some interviews up. The answers should hopefully be interesting, and they look so far like they will be.

They’ll begin, if not tomorrow, then on Tuesday, and will go up every Tuesday until I get tired of doing it, until my curiosity is satisfied, or until Dublin runs out of interesting bands.

This is in effect just a note to say: look out.

(Sorry for stealing your photo, Cáit Fahey)


6 responses to “An Interview Project

  1. good on ya Karl I am looking forward to reading this

  2. This looks great, Karl. I hope one of them is Patrick Kelleher.

  3. If I told you, that would be telling.

    However, sources indicate that what you say may be true.

  4. Good idea! I am very excited.

  5. The idea reminds me of a funny stunt rock interview someone did, in which he constantly insults the idea of having preset questions.

    “*Founding Members: Getting back to me, it’s seriously really just me. I’m starting to think maybe I should skip this question or delete it, but I don’t know if there’s some type of strict format I am supposed to be following. Like, does this go into a PHP style sheet, or is it just CSS? I’ll assume I need to reply.”

    but I’m sure yours will go better.

  6. Luckily I don’t think I’ve laid any potential minefields like asking for both “members” and “founding members” in preset questions.

    The interviews are more to do with getting people’s ideas on certain topics, rather than just giving their biographies in bitesize forms.

    Having preset questions was definitely a conscious thing, because it lets you compare results. So I pick people based in Dublin, making different types of music, different ages, but still based in Dublin, and get them to answer the same question to see how differently different people doing a similar thing in the same place see the world.

    Hope it doesn’t bite me in the arse.

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