List Week! 6. A List I Would Have Made When I Was 14


Green Day – Nimrod
Green Day – Warning
NOFX – Punk In Drublic
Nirvana – Nevermind
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication


5 responses to “List Week! 6. A List I Would Have Made When I Was 14

  1. oh wow, so you *used* to have taste?

    replace Punk in Drublic with the Offspring – Ignition, and that would be my list too.

  2. Damn that’s how you spell Californication! I copied this as a cop out for my thing a day thing. Obviously my choices were far more inspired though, as there was no Green Day whatsoever.

  3. If I could inspire myself, six and a half years ago, I would. But there’s no denying that every Green Day album from Dookie to Warning was a classic.

    RE: gabbagabbahey I think we might have just become enemies, even though I’d say Ignition was standing about 7th in that list after Dookie.

  4. greenday-dookie
    prodigy-music for jilted generation
    manics-holy bible
    the offspring-smash

  5. I’m trying to remember but I think it would be

    The Offspring – Conspiracy of One (First album I bought with my own money so it was a while before I got to go back to Ignition/Smash/Americana)
    NOFX – Pump Up The Valuum
    Green Day – Nimrod
    Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

    There was also the usual diet of The Beatles mixtapes my parents had lying around the house and as a complete outlier genre-wise to everything else I loved the album ‘Closing Time’ by Tom Waits.

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