List Week! 5. Favourite Record Labels


Domino (Animal Collective, Pavement, Junior Boys)
Rack and Ruin (America Del Sur, Dublin Duck Dispensary, A Series Of Dark Caves)
Paw Tracks (Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Ariel Pink)
4AD (Department of Eagles, Beirut, Future of the Left)
Richter Collective family (BATS, Terrordactyl, Adebisi Shank)


9 responses to “List Week! 5. Favourite Record Labels

  1. MERGE!

  2. nice choices.I’m liking the list idea.

  3. You wouldn’t have a Maniac 2000 tape, would you? Would you like one?

  4. The list thing is partly an experiment… a mysterious one. But it’s fun and gets people to comment.

    David, those are definitely not my tapes, but I wouldn’t say no to a Maniac 2000 tape. I couldn’t separate you from yours though.

  5. Kranky: Deerhunter, Stars of the Lid, Pan American, Godspeed

    Touch: Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Robert Wyatt

    Kompakt: Gas, The Field, Michael Mayer

    Matador: Jay Reatard, Times New Viking.

  6. Matador. Belle & Sebastian, Jay Reatard, Pavement, Malkmus, Lou Reed, Mission of Burma, Mogwai, TNV, Yo La Tengo. Probably the best roster currently active.

  7. Also on 4ad that are super are Blonde redhead, and The late Chord.
    For me recently a label called “Night People” haven’t put a foot wrong in anything Ive picked up so far.

    four of the best I got
    Wet Hair – “the beach” ep
    Teeth Mountain – s/t 12″(its been rerelease on vinyl as a self release, but orginally it was on tape out on night people)
    Caethua – The Pleasures Of Manhood
    Peaking Lights – Imaginary Falcons lp

  8. Elephant 6?

  9. Iunno. The best NMH and Of Montreal stuff wasn’t even on Elephant 6 and I’m not as massive a fan of the more typical pop-rocky stuff as a lot of people are. Wouldn’t have it top 5 anyway.

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