List Week! 4. Albums With Female Singers


Deerhoof – The Runners Four
Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity
Joanna Newsom – Milk-Eyed Mender
M.I.A. – Kala
Beach House – Devotion


5 responses to “List Week! 4. Albums With Female Singers

  1. what would you say to the Fight Like Apes album (re-recording/production issues aside… or just take the 2xEP) being on this list? as someone who mostly listened to punk, I didn’t come across that many female vocalists, but MayKay is pretty awesome at doing everything from Mclusky to the first half of ‘Snore Bore Whore’; and then everything else in between is expressive + inflected.

  2. The list is more about the albums than the singers, and also I wouldn’t exactly fight to the death to defend its integrity…

    But I can still think of a few other albums I would put ahead of that Fight Like Apes album if I had all-time to choose from. Three other Deerhoof albums, for example.

    There’s probably a lot of good female-fronted recorded before 2004, but I plead ignorance.

  3. pixies

  4. oh, not if yr talking about the actual vocals, which i fink you are.

  5. I am indeed. Beach House feels a bit premature in the cold light of day, I have to say.

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